Steamboat Springs weekend trip + small updates


Hello friends! Don’t mind me just dusting off the cobwebs from my blog. Here’s my one post-a-month LOL God, I need to be better at being consistent. The weekends are usually when I’ll allocate time to write but this winter has been fairly mild here in CO so Andrew and I take advantage of those opportunities to get out to the mountains and explore. It’s so refreshing and we love to unwind out in nature while we can after a tiring work week and before the start of a new work week.

I’ve dropped the ball on documenting even our little day trips but if you ever want live updates or to see some sweet mountain views, your best bet will be to catch me on instagram. I’m always posting stories! 🙂

So whats new…

-Andrew got promoted at work! So proud of him. He’d been performing so well that he didn’t even have to interview for the new role, his manager literally just handed it over to him which is pretty freaking sweet!

-I also kind of fell off on giving my micro-blading brow updates but they’re officially healed and I love them!!

And now going somewhere…

So earlier this month, Andrew and I planned to do a snowmobiling adventure. We found a place out in a ski town we’ve visited before that offers snowmobiling rentals. So just like that we booked a long weekend trip to Steamboat Springs (~3 hours away) and in conjunction we booked time at their popular hot springs that we hadn’t visited of all the times we’ve been to Steamboat, soooo we were pretty stoked!!

Here’s a glimpse of our trip!

On the drive to Steamboat, the views are phenomenal.
Finally in Steamboat!!
From our hotel room

We arrived pretty early and it was gorggggeous out so we went on one of our favorite hikes out there.

That night we met up with Andrew’s friends for some dinner and drinks. Such good company with a ton of laughs, couldn’t have been better!

On Saturday, we had our snowmobiling adventure scheduled-

It was a 10/10, a total BLAST. Our tour guide, Cupcake, was his name was super awesome and just made it incredibly fun for us.

That night the four of us had one of the bestttt hot springs experiences! Deep in the woods/mountains you’ll eventually get to the hot springs. [My question is how the heck did someone at one point even find the water source?! Blows my mind but I’m oh so happy someone discovered it and turned it into this!]

The place was huge and I didn’t even capture the other pools to the left of this view, which is where we soaked for most of the time. Y’all if there’s one thing I recommend everyone to try it’s hot springs (if you haven’t already)!!! The pools were different temps that range from freezing cold to perfectly hot.

But what I love is you can physically see the hot spring water (if you look closely) just pouring out of the mountains. It’s literally scorching and I don’t advise touching it right out of the mountain, like third degree burn kind of temps. But like, seriously, how stinkin cool is that?! There were a few spouts that the hot water was coming out of and pouring into the pools.

Another great trip in the books. We have another trip planned and booked to a brand new place we’ve never been before in CO for April which will be fun to look forward to!

Have you visited a hot spring before? If so, where? Whats your favorite ski town you’ve been to? How has March been for you so far?!

Love and light y’all!

xo, JJ

2 thoughts on “Steamboat Springs weekend trip + small updates

  1. Whether it is often or just once a month I love catching up on your adventures lady! Congrats to Andrew for the promotion that is awesome and your eyebrows look fantastic! I saw your adventures on Instagram and I LOVED them! I grew up snowmobiling (haven’t done it much as an adult) and loved it. And what a gorgeous place TO snowmobile. those springs look so dreamy! Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤


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