Four Eyes: Eye Buy Direct


Hello friends!!

Today I’m sharing all about my newest obsession with EyeBuyDirect, an eyeglasses and sunglasses online site. So if you’re like me and have four eyes, then this post is FOUR you. Might I add that this isn’t a sponsored post but I don’t even care because when I find something that I love I want nothing more than to scream it from the rooftops. I love recommendations and this little website was recommended to me FOR YEAAARS by none other than my best friend, Britt (another fellow four-eyer). It’s safe to say that I pretty much love everything she loves and vis versa and thats one of the most beautiful parts of our friendship.

Before EyeBuyDirect, Warby Parker was the only place I was buying frames from. I love their free 5 try-on’s and at the time I thought they’re pricing was on the inexpensive side, compared to when I was buying luxury brand frames. But don’t get me wrong I still love Warby, I just bought a pair of frames very recently. But to put it into perspective; the amount I paid for 1 pair of frames with 1 add on was the same price at EyeBuyDirect (EBD) for 2 frames with a couple of add ons. So yeah, you’re girl bought a few of them and I’m still on that site more often then not just casually browsing.

Here’s what I currently have:

Top: Decadence in tortoise

Bottom (left): Tower in black // Bottom (right): Giverny in tortoise

Prescription Sunglasses: Borneo in tortoise

Here’s the scoop:

My first two initial pairs were Decadence and Tower. Both of them had just about the same frame measurements give or take but in two different shapes. I like my frames to be big and wide and if you know you’re frame measurements of how you like it, theres a search filter option on EBD to size your frames.

The two filters I often adjust are the total width and the lens height.

Heres Tower:

And Decadence:

Right off the bat I loved them both!! The two add on’s I got were- the blue filter and I adjusted the thickness.

If you notice the blue filter definitely gives my lenses a slight blue hue, nothing crazy but I notice it, especially in photos but I’m very happy to have that feature. I also adjusted the thickness because if I don’t my lenses tend to be heavy as heck with how thick they are without the adjustment. Y’all, praise be because both of these frames have been the lightest frames I’ve ever had, they sit nicely and comfortably on my nose. I also learned that I love a high bridge frame. 10/10 for both.

My second order was-


Again, these ones are very similar to Decadence with similar measurements to both decadence and tower. I got the same add ons, the blue filter and thickness adjustment, howeverrr I’ve noticed that these lenses have a more harsher blue hue. Nothing wrong with that but it’s a pain when you’re trying to take selfies (lol). Yess, #selfieproblemz. But seriously you need to get the exact perfect lighting, tilt your head at the exact right angle and it’s exhaustingggg. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Still love them, I’m still going to wear them. 9/10.

And the sunnies: Borneo!

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 10/10. I got them polarized and adjusted the thickness. Love them.


Ok, here’s the tea.

(not really tea but I just wanted to say that)

I did have to make one exchange with my Decadence pair. The frames were a bit wobbly and flimsy over by the temple but still wearable nonetheless. I noticed there was a loose screw which explained the flimsiness so I contacted EBD and initiated a return/exchange. It was a super easy process, they exchanged them for ‘free’ you just have to pay ~$5 for shipping. And just like that a brand new pair got delivered about a week later. These new ones are SO much better and much more sturdy which makes me so happy because they’re definitely my favorite.

So that’s my little spiel on EBD, I love them and thought it’d be fun to share!

Do you have four eyes? Where do you purchase your frames from?

xo, JJ

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