Thoughts and Whatnots: Microblading Journey


Hey, hi, hello friends!!

Today was my ~12 month microblading touch up appointment and I’m beyond happy with how they came out that I couldn’t wait to update y’all on my journey. I’ve talked about them in a Friday Favorites post back in March of last year, which was after my 5 week touch up appointment, and they were a GAME CHANGER.

So lets start with today-

I’ve had them for just short of a year now but ever since I’ve got them done I haven’t filled my brows in once! Can I get a *hallelujah*!!! Like really y’all, I just wake up and go and it’s sooo much time I get back to my day.. IYKYK! The only maintenance is the occasional plucking as needed, which is fine by me. Okay so I took a quick before photo- They’ve faded a bit but I probably could’ve gone maybe another 2-3 months if not more. And I’m sure you can see I haven’t plucked leading up to my appointment LOL.

pre- appointment

One hour later… ~VOILA~

post- appointment

The touch up only took an hour which was tolerable. Through and through I’ve found it to be pretty uncomfortable sitting through it, maybe I’m a baby I dont knoww. The first time around was kind of tough but it was also 2 hours long, then my 5 week touch up was a little more tolerable but still not great, and today was the same. It’s like a stinging feeling per each scrape, ‘stinging’ really might be the one type of pain I can’t tolerate. It sends shivers down my spine. I almost prefer the shading part because at least its fast but really truly from the bottom of my heart, it’s so worth it.

So I get the microblading and microshading. I definitely need the shading because my natural brows are not thick whatsoever, so it definitely helps to fill in all the gaps.

Pricing of course varies but I love my girl Kally at TruBrows Microblading, the quality of service is phenomenal and her prices are great.

So my very first microblading appointment was back in February 2020, from then I did my touch up after 5 weeks in March. Below was the final look from that time-

They healed so nicely. The healing process is super easy but be warned there are different stages you go through.. The worst of all is the peeling/patchy period the patchiness is not cute but it is what it is. Once they finished peeling they were perrrfect. Make sure to clean them gently, do not pick on the scabs, and use the proper cream your technician gives you to use.

A few days out they’re a little dark and harsh (but they honestly looked great at that point, pre-peeling/patchiness)

Then it starts to simmer down and fade a bit

And this was them by the summer (after 5 months)- they’ve definitely faded but only the slightest bit. At this point they looked the most natural.

For the people in the back, I love LOVE them and it’s been one of my absolute favorite treat myself gifts. There’s so many different brow treatments out there to help achieve the look you want but if you’ve been considering microblading/shading, I highly recommend going for it. Just keep in mind to always do your research, look at people’s work, read reviews, etc and that really goes without saying for any type of service you’re after.

I’ll do a follow up post in a few weeks with the progress as they begin to heal and then show you the final look 🙂 If you have any questions about my experience just leave it down below 🙂

Have you had microblading done? Are you considering microblading? What brow treatments have you done?

xo, JJ

4 thoughts on “Thoughts and Whatnots: Microblading Journey

  1. Girl you look phenomenal! I haven’t tried microblading, I have been wanting too, but you have sold me on it! I love anything that makes my morning routine more simple! Thanks for sharing love! ❤

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  2. It’s incredible that your eyebrows lasted for almost a year without getting it filled even once. I probably would be thrilled if I’m in your place, but for now, I’m planning to book my first appointment for microblading. Although the dark shade complements you, I think it would be a great option to have a darker shade for the treatment to make it last longer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions about the procedure. It’s more reassuring to learn the entire process behind it.


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