Thanksgiving Break 2020


Thank goodness for 5-day weekends, honestly anything more than 2 consecutive days is fulfilling. *3-day weekends every weekend* needs to be a thing! Anywhoo, I’m feeling full and refreshed but on the contrary, not wanting it to end. Luckily, Christmas is right around the corner and I’m excited to be merry and bright! Even though ‘merry and bright’ started for me, hmm… on Halloween. #sorrynotsorry!

Okay so lets rewind a tad… all the way to last weekend. Andrew had to fly home briefly and so I had a solo adventure day to Boulder. I took a little cruise down my favorite road and then decided to revisit Boulder falls. It turned out to be pretty warm that day so I spontaneously decided to have myself a little photoshoot with Tricia (my tripod! no shame I love her) and I just happen to keep her in my car at all times. Convenience is key.

Monday came rolling around and I worked from home and well, somebody was happy about it…

And it was me 😉

I picked up Andrew that night and Tuesday this happened

I, on the down-low loved it. I always say, I love the mountains with snow on them.

And Wednesday commenced the 5 day weekend! Andrew still worked that day but that night we cozied up and had a candle-lit movie night. And when I say candle-lit just know, there’s a candle lit whenever I’m home anyways. Speaking of, I just ordered 6 more off of Bath and Body Works on Black Friday, but we’ll get to that later.

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day! Andrew and I woke up and decided to treat ourselves to some Starbucks. We haven’t had it since we bought the Nespresso (great decision) so buying coffee is now a nice little treat that we love. It was a gorgeous blue sky warm sunny day so instead of going straight home we stopped at this nearby state park.

Chatfield Reservoir

Andrew spent the day watching football and I threw my air-pods in and got to business in the kitchen. This Thanksgiving it was just Andrew and I so I was cooking for two, easy peasy. Although we would’ve loved to celebrate with our families, it was nice being able to celebrate between ourselves and of course Vin. Over most things, we love a ‘chill, at our own leisure’ kind of day.

On the menu-

green bean casserole, bison sirloin, truffle parm mashed potatoes, lobster tails, Korean spicy cucumber

Don’t want to toot my own horn but yeah, it was a pretty phenomenal meal.

So just recently a good friend of mine let me log into her Disney+ app and y’all, I thought I used to binge netflix, hulu…. but no, I AM BINGINGGGG Disney+. I’m obsessed yet overwhelmed because I want to watch every old school Disney movie, Pixar movies, rewatch all the Disney Original Channel shows and movies…. I’m alllllll over it. I’m bursting at the seams!!! Needless to say most nights, it’s me forcing Andrew to watch a few of them with me (can you believe I’m having to say forcing as if watching Disney movies is a force ~eye roll~) LOL.

Black Friday came rolling around and you better believe I made some purchases. I finished all my Christmas shopping and also treated myself to a few new things…So, YES, the 6 bath and body 3-wick candles. AH! I can’t help myself, I love lighting candles all year long. They had their buy 3 get 3 free soo I was onboard. I was also looking for a new knife block set and found one. I’m so excited to have sharp knives again! You know how hard it is prepping without good knives?! And last but not least Andrew and I upgraded our phones!! At+t was having a nice little deal so we caved. Mine already came in and it’s all set up- I LOVE IT! I went with the white iPhone 12 pro and Andrew went with graphite iPhone 12 pro max. Poor Andrew whose still on his 8, is patiently waiting for his to arrive.

We booked a mineral soaking tub again at Sunwater Spa in Manitou Springs for later that night. We came over the summer for the first time when we spent a weekend in Colorado Springs and loved it.

And again, loved it the second time around. We finally figured out which tub is our favorite (they’re all the same, it’s just a matter of location) so now we’ve got it down to a science. Each session is 90-minutes long and it’s seriously so soothing and such a nice way to decompress.

Saturday AM….

After that soak we deemed Saturday to be our adventure day. First stop, was a smoothie spot in Boulder called Thrive and I’m so pumped because their acai smoothie is comparable to Jus in Aspen that I’m OBSESSEDDD with. So happy knowing I can enjoy an acai smoothie about 30 minutes away opposed to 3 hours away.


Anyways, we took our smoothies and explored a new spot in Boulder county called Gross Reservoir. The drive to was stunning! I love driving through back country mountain roads

But wow, Gross Reservoir was AH-MAY-ZINGGGGG. The water was this flat sheet of blue, like perfectly still water and there was something so calming about being there.

And Sunday has been looking like this….

And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Did you have time off? What did you eat? Do anything special? Did you shop on Black Friday? What deals did you find?


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Break 2020

  1. Oh my gosh girl I don’t even know where to start! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I adore that you not only took your tripod for a spin but that you NAMED her! Yasss girl! Vinny is the cutest coworker! Don’t faint on me, but I am anxiously awaiting snow. I KNOW! But just for the holiday season! It looks gorgeous! That Thanksgiving meal is goals! I love how so many people did away with traditional turkey and did something else I am not a huge fan of turkey) My mouth is literally watering!
    ANd Yass girl! also picked up six candles! I am so excited for them!
    Those mineral soaks sound so dreamy! I really wish we had some around here! That reservoir is STUNNING! I am obsessed! Haha I love Vinny! I am so happy you had an amazing weekend! You deserve it! ❤

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