Friday Favorites


Oh happy day!!! TGIF ❤

Not gonna lie, I had to think twice on what day it was because I’ve been a day ahead all week long, skipped a day somewhere in-between. But yes, indeed, it’s Friday.

Alright y’all sit back and grab your cup of jo because I have some Friday Favorites coming your way!

Hair appointment day is the best day

She’s back to the dark side again! Since transitioning from blonde to brunette for the past year, hair appointments have been easy peasy and doesn’t cost a fortune anymore with all the foiling.

Although I’m “brunette” I still have baby lights (not ready to get rid of the blonde completely just yettt 😇 ). So of course over time the blonde starts to peer back through and I was starting to get a tad bit brassy so a nice little toner job was an easy fix! My hair dresser does a fab job getting me to a perfect dark ashy brown and I love it. I always feel brand new after a hair appointment!


Okay I can openly and honestly admit that I’m a water bottle hoarder. Which is so ironic because it’s usually a force for me to drink water. And really, I like water, I do, but for whatever reason I’m just never thirsty and therefore forget to drink water. But give me an aesthetically pleasing bottle to carry around and I’ll keep hydrated. Don’t ask why but it works for me.

And so last month Britt, my other half bestie sis introduced me to S’well and I’m OBSESSED! I have the 17oz bottle in Pink Topaz. There’s so many different colors and styles to choose from and I’m honestly probably going to get another one to cycle between. I love them because they’re insulted to keep your drink hot or cold but my actual favorite part is they’re the perfect size and lightweight to travel around with. Check out this isn’t an ad I’m just a huge fan!! Could also be a great stocking stuffer or gift 😉

Oh Christmas Tree

Speaking of presents… the Christmas tree is up! However, full tree not pictured… yet! I still have a few more ornaments I want to add and I also need a new tree skirt since good ol’ Vin tore up the one I bought SMH. This year we went with a flocked tree which I’m SO happy about and the color theme I went with this year is silver, black, and white 🙂

3-Wick Candles

Along with water bottles I’m also a crazy candle hoarder and I don’t care who knows it! I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been buying candles every time Bath and Body Works throws them on sale. One of my newly found favorites is The Perfect Christmas. Since I’m buying them online, I’m honestly just going on whim buying whatever combination of scents sound good to me or that I’m familiar with. This one was A+ and I’ll for sure be buying more of this one before the season is over!

fresh cut pine, cinnamon sugar, toasted marshmallow with essential oils

Cup Of Jo

So as of lately my Cup Of Jo has been looking slightly different these days. Andrew and I officially bought a Nespresso machine about a month ago and I can proudly say, I have not spent a single cent on Starbucks since. You guys know my love for Starbucks is enormous (still is) but after buying coffee EVERY SINGLE DAY I saw the effects on my bank account, it really does add up over time. I was spending about $56 give or take A WEEK!!!! Between Andrew and I, our orders come out to about $8/day soooo yeah…

Between all the coffee machines out there Nespresso is the one I’ve had my eye on for a while. I feel like the coffee actually tastes like coffee opposed to Keurig where I felt like it was always watery as heck (bleh! no offense to keurig lovers).

For reference we bought the Nespresso Virtuoso and to the right are our favorite flavors so far. Each one is SO good, flavor and strength wise. The one thing that held me back from getting a Nespresso for so long was that I was always an iced coffee lover. But I was noticing that ice coffee first thing in the morning would give me immense stomachaches, so I actually for a while started buying iced matcha teas at starbs instead. I don’t know about you but coffee just hits differently than tea does for me in the morning. Finally my mom advised that I start drinking hot coffee or tea to help alleviate the stomachaches, so because of that I figured it was time to succumb to the Nespresso. Anddd it’s been a FAVORITE for both Andrew and I. Ive become more generous to hot coffee and I haven’t had a stomachache since, all while saving $$. Andrew still drinks his cold so he makes his coffee throws it in the fridge or freezer for 10 minutes and adds some ice cubes. It’s been a game changer. FYI- This machine in particular makes both coffee and espresso shots but we solely buy the coffee pods.

In-N-Out in CO

It’s happening! It’s FINALLY happening! In-N-Out is officially in Colorado and I’m SO ready for allllll the animal style fries and burgers. Talk about a happy Friyay, what a perfect day for opening day.

There’s two spectrums on this- you either love In-N-Out or you think it’s overrated, I get it, but I’m on the love side. #Sorrynotsorry! Out of all the “fast food” burger joints like Smashburger, Shake Shack, Good Times Burger, etc.. In-N-Out has been my favorite. Where do you stand with with In-N-Out? Love or overrated?

Okay friends that’s it for today! Enjoy your Friday 🙂 Share down below what your weekend plans are!!

xo, JJ

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Flawless Queen 😍 I’m 100% on the same wavelength when it comes to water bottles and keeping hydrated – it’s so much easier when you have a cute bottle to drink from, even when I’m at home!! The colour of yours is so gorgeous and it’s great that it will keep drinks hot and cold depending too! I need one for not chocolate 😍😍😍 dreamy! Your Christmas tree is so gorgeous and sparkly! I adore the colour scheme 😍😍😍 thanks for sharing your festive joy! Also I haven’t tried in n out (that I remember anyway)… Be sure to take me when I come visit please hehe 😍 xxx have the best weekend you wonderful human! Xxx

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  2. 1. Your hair is gorgeous! 😊❤ 2. That Christmas tree is so beautifully decorated! 3. I definitely gotta check out that bath and body works candle you shared. I just love following your posts-they are so fun and always put a smile on my face 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh I am obsessed with your Friday Favs where do I start!? Girl you look gorgeous whether you are blonde or brunette, but I am LOVING your hair, and the cut! You look stunning! Eeeeeekkkkk! I LOVE that you put the tree up! Yass girl! Hello Christmas! And those candles are perfect!
    Yassss girl! Welcome to the s’well bandwagon! I LOVE S’well. I have a couple Lilly pulitzer ones and I swear I drink more water because they are so gosh darn cute!
    I am so proud of you for drinking coffee at home! This pandemic has definitely helped me save with that. my parents have a Kuerig, but I would LOVE to get an espresso machine! I hope you are having an amazing weekend! Sending you so much love! ❤

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  4. I LOVE a Friday Favorites post, and it has been so long since I have read one. This feels like a taste of normalcy. So thank youuu for sharing this!! Your hair looks gorgeous! So natural, but I do still see those highlights too! I have been slowly going back to natural too- it is nice to not have to have so much done so frequently! S’well water bottles are awesome! I love the pink color you chose. Aw yayyy for the Christmas tree! We just put ours up too, it’s a mini one though because I’m not sure where we’d put a full size in our apartment, lol! Ohhh those candles scents sound deeeelightful! I have heard such good things about Nespresso, and this just confirms it further! Ohhh an In-N-Out coming to you is SO exciting!! I feel like saying congrats- loll. Obviously we get what a big deal that is! DJ wasn’t a huge fan at first, but now it has grown on him and he looooves it. I love their animal style fries!

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