Thoughts and Whatnots: Affirm it.


I’m so happy to be here right now typing this out. It feels good to just write sometimes, doesn’t it?!

This is quite literally my view right now ~bliss~

So quick update for y’all. I officially started my new job this past Monday and with much excitement, I’m very happy with my decision. Even though I just started and I know it’s only going to get more challenging from here, but I have to say, I’m very optimistic because it was such a great first impressions. I feel like I have an amazing opportunity ahead of me and I’m genuinely excited to see what’s to come. The vibes are overflowing with positivity, the people make me feel at home, my team has been incredibly supportive, and the best of all- I feel like I belong. And that alone brings me so much peace and relief.

So let’s rewind to May when I was laid off. Outwardly, I knew what my silver lining was and that alone helped me persevere but internally, there were days I was nervous and unsure of when it’d finally happen for me. The job market was and still is way overpopulated and good opportunities are truly hard to come by.

But through it all from May to present day, I can firmly say I didn’t give up hope, effort, or skip a day to affirm what I wanted.

And that’s what I want to share today 🙂

Three little tips and tricks to help empower your mind over matter and to help you get what you’re going after. Once I clearly understood what I wanted and began to seriously affirm them, I started to receive in some form or fashion core things I’ve been asking for. Here’s how I did it…

Make A Checklist

First and foremost you need to know what you want. Once you know exactly what your endeavor is (whether it be a job, relationship, friendship, a goal, a purchase, etc) create a detailed checklist of all the attributes that you’re looking for within that endeavor. Know exactly what you want, make a mental or physical list of its characteristics and be decisive and demanding.

So lets use my job as an example…

I’m not kidding I made a very specific checklist of my high demands, all the things I wanted in my next job. To the point that I was writing down that I wanted to go into an office that had complementary surface parking on-site (my previous job was in the city and parking garages are not cheap or close to where you need to be). I even specified which highway I’d prefer to take if I had to commute. I got that granular because I knew what I wanted.

The checklist is vital because when you know what you’re looking for and if it’s what you crave deep within you, you’ll start to exude and exert that energy out into the world and those vibrations will come back in a way where you’ll automatically start making strives and proactive decisions that guide you.

And I’m not saying ask and you shall receive the next day, maybe not even within a month, or year… but understand underlying that knowing what you want can help carve the path to getting there. Everything can be a conscious journey that’ll inevitably get you to where you need to be.

Understand Patience & Rejection

What I’m about to say may sound highly overrated but it’s TRUE. Believe in it.

“Good things take time and rejection is just redirection” Do not forget that.

Mind over matter. Negativity is stagnant disappointment, positivity means learning and growing.

With job hunting, rejection is inevitable and I know that discouragement weighs a ton. But what I’ve come to learn is that these rejections are blessings in disguises. REALLY! Rejection in any form has always redirected me to something bigger and better and with each rejection, I know it’s life telling me it’s not meant for me because something else is.

Now, sometimes there will be hiccups and sometimes you might get bamboozled and wind up pursuing something/someone that you thought was a fit and it turned out to be just the opposite. Been there done that. Haven’t we all? And my secret to you is that it’s OK y’all just TRUST THE PROCESS- patience is KEY and with patience comes GREAT REWARD.

Affirm It

Whether you repeatedly say it over and over or write it down daily (repetition is critical) the more you speak to it into existence, the more you begin to let it be true within yourself. My recommendation is to always speak of it in present tense. Speak as if you already have it, that what you’re yearning for is already yours.

“I love my job. I am very happy with my job. I excel in my job. I’m an asset and a great contribution to my team”

Affirmations bring the things you want into your subconscious to manifest into your life. You are able.

So after 5 months of applying, interviewing, and rejections, I’ve finally received what I was going after. There were several times leading up to this moment where I felt like “ok, this could be it” and yet part of me felt wrong about them. And I’ll tell you, the confusion was REAL but when I was mentally scanning through the attributes and characteristics, these places met 80% of my checklist. So I held off or in some cases, I wasn’t even granted an offer and y’all I’m SO thankful. So thankful and grateful I held off because I landed somewhere even better. This new job I accepted hit 100% of my checklist, down to the parking and highway- and that’s how I knew. I felt good and now I feel GREAT.

Good things are coming, just believe.

xo, JJ

3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Whatnots: Affirm it.

  1. “It feels good to just write sometimes, doesn’t it?” —YES, it does.

    You are right about not giving up hope and have patience. These tips are really helpful to setting a positive mindset xx

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  2. Love love LOVE this congrats beauty! I am so happy for you! Your new company is so lucky to have you!
    You are so incredibly inspiring and these tips are going to help so many people myself included! As a writer, I have always been a strong believer that rejection not only makes us stronger but also points us in the direction we are meant to go in and I love how you said “Rejection is redirection.” So true! Sending you all the positive vibes and happiness sweet lady! ❤

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