Life Update (Oct 2020)


Hey friends!!!

Hip hip hooray, the weekend is upon us! And to keep up with this Friday energy, I’m beyond excited to share some of my life updates

I accepted a job offer.

I’ve finally come across a great opportunity that I’m thrilled about!!! Although, I’m not thrilled that I signed my life away to another 9-5, I will say this opportunity and role checked off everything I was looking for in my next career endeavor. And of course, in addition to the opportunity the benefits, pay, and in general job security truly out weighs anything else. I’m going into it very excited, optimistic, slightly nervous, but overall I’m just so ready to get back to a working routine. I officially start on Monday of next week so wish me luck ❀

I’m FMP certified.

I’ve officially passed and completed my Facilities Management Professional certification, which is basically just an added incentive to my line of work. This past week, I passed the last final exam and all the coursework so I officially get to add the FMP designation to my name. This was a major goal I wanted to complete while being laid off and now, the goal has been accomplished- how sweet and satisfying!

My sister came and visited.

And yes, I’ve been MIA this past week because my sister was finally able to come out and visit me here in Colorado! While it was everything I could’ve imagined and more, I can’t believe she’s already back home in Boston again. It always goes by too quick, doesn’t it? We went on back to back adventures all week and now my body is paying for it, the soreness is REAL (but in a good way). It was a pretty great way to end my unemployment before starting my new job.

We went to the Rocky Mountains, Indian Paint Mines, Boulder, Breckenridge, St Marys Glacier, and ate more food than we can handle…

And that concludes this Life Update πŸ™‚

Be well all ❀

xo JJ

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