Long Weekend In Aspen


Hello friends! How are we doing today?

Last Friday, Andrew and I planned a long weekend trip back out to Aspen (our next fave after Breck πŸ˜‰)!! Aspen to me is like the Martha’s Vineyard to Massachusetts. Just this charming wholesome quaint little town that fills my heart up with pure joy. Granted, it’s only been 3 months since our last visit in July, we knew we HAD to see the town in the fall.

Our summer visit was pretty scorching hot but still stunning nonetheless. This time around the weather was exceptional so my recommendation (so far) would be to plan a trip between mid Sept-mid Oct if you’re pondering what time of year to visit. Of course if you’re a winter sports enthusiast, winter months would be your season! And to be fair, I really want to get back out there again in the winter or early spring to see some snow on those mountains.

We decided we wanted this trip to be more leisurely and as spontaneous as my Type A brain could handle. We had a very loose itinerary with hikes/sights we wanted to see. But more importantly, I swear, Andrew and I planned this trip around being able to get our FAVORITE acai smoothies (will show below) and I’m dead serious. We literally had our minds set on those smoothies since July! πŸ˜‚

Alright, without further ado…. pictures!!!

We headed out late morning on Friday 10/2, it’s about a 3 hour drive for us to get to Aspen. We had one mission that day and it was to take our engagement photos!

On the drive there, we drove through Glenwood Canyons, which is my favorite bypass road. Fun fact, that’s the Colorado River flowing through it! Sadly enough it was Glenwood Canyon that got hit with the wildfires so on our drive in you could see where it was torched 😦 Fortunately, the road was back open and there were some spots that were untouched.

We headed right to Frying Pan Road, which is where we decided to take our engagement photos. Frying Pan Road is a beautiful scenic road through Basalt and passes through Ruedi Reservoir. Below are a few spots we stopped at for our shoot.

Ruedi Reservoir

We seriously got our fill of foliage while out in Aspen, everywhere you looked you’d get a glimpse of the yellow gold leaves peaking through the mountains.

Vinny patiently waiting in the car while we got some shots for our shoot

By the time we finished up, we headed to our resort to check in. We had these amazing floor to ceiling windows that looked out to the mountains. ~Dreamy~

Anyone else LOVE wearing the hotel bathrobe?

The next morning (Saturday), we headed out pretty early for our first hike

And as our rightful incentive for completing the hike, we treated ourselves to SMOOTHIES!!! These acai smoothies from JΓΌs are the best tasting smoothies I’ve had!!!

With smoothie in hand, we headed back to the room to get ready for a day of exploring the town.

Our first stop was the Silver Queen Gondola. There’s a great deal to ride the Silver Queen and the gondola and chairlift in Snowmass for $39! With that package it also comes with a few added incentives too! Luckily, we had just made the cut because that weekend (first weekend of Oct) was the last weekend they were running the gondolas until they close it for a bit before reopening for ski season.

It was so peaceful up at the top of the summit, we grabbed some lunch at the food court and wandered around a bit. Headed back down roamed the downtown to do some shopping (we actually got a second smoothie too lol) and headed back to the room to go on a nice little nature walk with Vinny through the resorts hiking/biking trails.

It was an Autumn Wonderland

By the time we made it back to the room, we were all wiped out…

On Sunday morning we woke up bright and early anddd got our favorite smoothies again! When I say we’re obsessed, we’re OBSESSED!

Once we packed up the car and checked out, we decided to go for another little stroll before heading out to our next adventure-

Back on the road we were headed to Independence Pass. Another popular scenic bypass road and the other route you can take to get to Aspen. The wildfires hit this road too, but they had just reopened the road back up to the public again, thank goodness!!

We stopped at Devil’s Punchbowl again but this time it was a lot less crowded which was sweet.

And further along the road is an abandoned (but well taken care of) ghost town that I’ve been wanting to stop at since the last time we discovered it.

In the 1800’s there were up to 1500 people living in this little mining community at one point (which BLOWS my mind) but so cool. Shortly after the mining boom came the bust to which settlers then headed to Aspen for a more milder climate (this spot in particular being at ~10,000ft). I also read that the reason why some of the buildings are no longer existent is because the settlers would use the supply to make ski’s to travel by. Not sure on the validity of that but it would make an awful lot of sense.

It’s always so bizarre but fascinating to envision that lifestyle and what it might have been like compared to the amenities we have today. The history of it all just consumes my imagination- I’m so intrigued.

And then sadly, it was time to head back home. We actually ended up turning around and went back towards the Glenwood Canyon route to get home.

Leaving Aspen always makes me feel some type of way, its very similar to how I’ve felt when I used to leave Martha’s Vineyard after a day of exploring. It’s like a part of me has been left behind and I won’t feel whole again until I go back. So now I’m just patiently awaiting for the next time πŸ™‚

xo, JJ

7 thoughts on “Long Weekend In Aspen

  1. Girl you had me at the Martha Vineyard of Colorado! And then your pics! Your photoshoot was stunning! And that pic of Vin in the car! Aspens sounds and looks like a dream! Also that Ghost Town is SO cool! I love abandoned towns! It always makes me wonder the stories behind them! Thanks for taking us along on your weekend! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right, MV will always have my heart β™₯️ We need to get you out here you would adore downtown Aspen, I just know it!! Vin was SO cute and such a good boy during the whole photoshoot. I loved his little floppy ears flying in the wind lol And yess the abandoned town!! I’m always astonished especially because theres little tiny remnants like those cabins all around CO and I’m just so amazed by the location of some of these spots, like howww did they do it let alone during the winter months!! Thanks for following along pretty xoxo


    1. I love how you put it, “refreshing destination” because it was exactly that!!! I hope you get out there at some point, totally worth the visit πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much!!! It’s so easy to capture great shots when there’s views like that all around πŸ™‚ I loved it ❀ ❀


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