Thoughts And Whatnots: Lashes vs Lash Extensions


Good Afternoon friends!

I’m excited about todays post because I’m talking lashes!! They’re my favorite beauty product and they’re all I need to feel like I’ve put myself together. What can I say, I’m a simple gal. If I could somehow receive an endless supply of lashes… PLEASE SIGN ME UP!

So I’m going to do a totally unsolicited run down on both glue on lashes and lash extensions. I’m a HUGE advocate for both options- but as of late I’m going through a glue on lash phase and loving it. But hopefully this’ll help you with your lash endeavors if you’re curious about either option 🙂

Glue-On Lashes

Glue on lashes are my OG. I’ve been gluing these babies on for YEARRRS now. I’ve become freakishly good at just throwing them on, but for y’all that have difficulty, it’s really just a matter of practice I PROMISE. The more you do it the easier it gets- so don’t give up!!!

My personal favorite style is wispy with medium volume and as natural-looking as you can get with fake lashes (lol). So out of all the brands and styles I’ve tried, these KISS lashes are my all-time favorite. And let me tell you, it took A LOT of trial and error before I came across these ones. I also love that they come in packs of 5!!! It’s awfully convenient for me because I love wearing mine daily, especially when I was going into an office daily, so to keep them consistent was key.

Here’s a closer look….

With these, I can get a solid 5 days from one pair but depending how gentle I am with them I could likely go a full week. Nevertheless, I keep it to about 5 days just for sanitary reasons. I’m sure to be careful when pulling off the glue residue and I’ll very lightly wipe them down with a make up remover wipe since I’m taking off my make up anyways.

Life Hack (if you wear glasses): Curl your lashes!!! Some of the more glam lashes even if I curl them are still a bit too long but these KISS ones are perfect length.

As for glue, this is my favorite one below. I prefer an applicator brush opposed to the tube, like Duo usually sells. For reference I purchase this right off of amazon. I’ve never had any issues, no eye irritations, nothing (and friends, I’m just being honest when I say I’m so prone to pink eye, gross but true). Never had problems with this ever. I can also go morning to night without them lifting at all.

Lash Extension

I was getting my lash extensions done consecutively for just short of 2 years. I actually stopped last year around this time to which I’ll explain why later.

WHY I GOT THEM: Out of pure convenience. At the time I decided to cave I was going into an office every day for work and truthfully, gluing on lashes in the wee hours of the morning half asleep was not the most fun… So waking up with lashes already on my face was pure bliss.

CLASSIC VS VOLUME: Classic is one extension attached to one natural lash 1:1. Volume is when multiple lashes are attached to one natural lash. I’ve seen a lot of places also offer mega volume which if you could assume goes beyond natural volume. I’ve always went with volume.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET A REFILL: I would go as needed but it ranged within every ~2 weeks on most occasions. Keeping in the back of your mind that it varies, sometimes week 2 they’re still full and beautiful while on the otherhand, week 2 they could be wonky with gaps. (Prices I’ve experienced: I’ve gone to two different places, one in Massachusetts and one in Colorado, and both places charged $60 for 2 week refill, $80 for 3 week, and anything after 3 could be a new fill which is another story. Of course, prices will vary, I’ve seen as low as $50 for 2 weeks and $70 for 3 weeks. One thing’s for sure, it ain’t cheap!)

WHY I TOOK THEM OFF: Extensions definitely require daily maintenance in order to keep them clean and for them to last longer. Part of which, getting them wet can cause them to fall off quicker so I’d use very very minimal water near my eyes and y’all this girl loves to scrub her face, eyes and all…And on the DL it’d drove me crazy that I’d have to be mindful of my eyes. *Personal problem, I know* Another personal problem, as I said above, I’m very prone to pink eye (don’t know why but it sucks), and I did get pink eye a couple times- and it’s no ones fault. The places I went to were clean as heck I truly trusted both places and I did my due diligence to take care of them by cleaning and brushing them but it still happens. For reference, I have not had pink eye since removing my lashes a year ago. And lastly, I’m a winged liner kind of gal and I really did not want to wear any eye make up with the extensions. I know people that do but I personally didn’t want to. And my last reason, I really wanted to give my natural lashes a break.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I really loved them, despite any con’s, I’d still get them again and probably will at some point!


Lash Serum

Since removing my extensions a year ago, I will admit my lashes were very minimal and short immediately after. I was pretty bummed about it so I started reusing this lash serum that I’ve loved for quite some time. I used to use it daily before getting extensions and swear by it that it works!

My lashes now (a year later) have recovered and I give all my thanks to Grande Lash. I get mine from Sephora. I’ve also heard great things about Babe Lash but I haven’t purchased it myself yet.

Okay now the fun part! I want to hear from you, where do you stand with lashes? Are you a glue on, extension, or considering either?! What was your experience with lashes? Do you rather one or the other? Let me know 🙂

If you’re questioning whether to use lashes or to get extensions, I hope that this has helped you. And as always, if you have any more questions in regards to lashes just let me know down below!

xo, JJ

12 thoughts on “Thoughts And Whatnots: Lashes vs Lash Extensions

    1. Ive heard GREAT things about lash lifts and tints! If I had nice natural lashes I’d for sure go that route too!! God knows my lashes could use a curl lol How long do they last for?


    1. Right!! You took the words out of my mouth! I did have difficulty at first applying them but I also was using glue that just didn’t work well, but now that Ive found a good combo, I’m good to go ❤ Thanks for sharing your post I'm going to head over to check it out ❤

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  1. I love your thoughts and what nots Jenny! I love a lash too – I’m definitely a glue on kind of girl though when going on holiday etc, I’d for sure consider the extensions so I’d be all set for the whole time, definitely not as a permanent thing (though who knows, I might fall in love – I just think in terms of having to go and get them reapplied etc that’s too much maintenance for me haha). Also – I was never able to have extensions as I worked on a makeup counter so we needed to promote our own brands mascara of course – now I don’t work for a specific brand, perhaps I will try, maybe next time I go on holiday – although not a swimmy holiday if they’re not good in water? Okay maybe I’ll just stick to the glue ons LOL. I totally agree though, a good set of lashes really does set you up for the day!

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    1. Girrrl you are my makeup goddess!!! You totally made me LOL in your comment, def not a swimmy holiday! Lol but idk, it totally varies because I know a girl that went on a tropical vacay and was swimming in the water and she said her lashes made it through. But yeah, I think I favor the glue on ones just a tad bit more there’s just more options, styles, and its nice to be able to take them off every now and then plus no damage to the real lashes!!


  2. Sweets I need you to com and give me a personal tutorial because lashes are something that in my thirty (eeek) years of life I have NOT been able to master. I love them, but the struggle is real! I also tend to wear limited eye make-up (which in this mask wearing world, does amazing things for me face :p LOL) because Iw ear contacts and eye make-up tends to bother my eyes if I wear it consecutively. I really really want to try though! Thanks for sharing all your tricks! ❤

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    1. YESSS, I’ll gladly help you put them on!!! 🙂 lol but I totaaaally feel you because when I used to wear contacts too, I’d try to keep it minimal to prevent any eye irritations. Even now since I wear glasses, I never really go full glam because I feel like the glasses block everything. The struggleee lol


  3. i love lashes, i have definitely seen lots of people getting lash extensions but i personally find it way cheaper to use glue lol, not to mention i don’t always* wear them, i tend to save them for special occasions. i’d wear them to work if i could, which technically i can, but i get out late and taking a full face off late at night tends to delay the time i go to sleep so i don’t want that LOL
    even so, lashes are my go-to, and just like you, i love the wispy natural ones, those are my fave 😀 now i’m kinda wanting to wear lashes today but it’s gonna be a full day of work and lots of walking around most likely sooo……..idk i’ll think about it i guess ha
    i will be looking into that lash enhancing serum, i think i need one too 🙂

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