Whats Up Wednesday- September


Hey y’all! Welcome to Whats Up Wednesday!

I’m linking up with SheafferToldMeTo and MixAndMatchMama today to share little bits of what’s going on in our worlds!

What I’m Eating

Andrew and I can be creatures of habit when it comes to food. When we find something we like, it’s on the menu for like the next month or two. So lately we’ve been loving this turkey sausage sheet bake.

Turkey sausage, mini truffle parm potatoes, zucchini, onion, red pepper, and broccoli

A few other recurring favorites: tacos (we love hardshell!), acai bowls or smoothies, Korean spicy pork bbq bowls or lettuce wraps, chicken wraps…

It’s also the perfect season for pho! This is one of many bowls to come.

What I’m Reminiscing

I was FTing my sister the other night and we were reminiscing our last trip together (last year) to California. Gosh darn, it made me so nostalgic.

What I’m Loving

In a nutshell…

What I’ve Been Up To

Oh my goodness y’all I’m excited because I’m SO close to completing my Facilities Management Certification that I’ve been working on since last year (lol). It’s taken me way longer than expected to complete but I’m ~90% done and 1 test away (which I’ll be taking mid Oct) from completion. Just a little personal goal I’ve been meaning to check off.

What I’m Dreading

Well, as much as I love fall and the thought of snow on these mountaintops excites my bones- I’m DREADING the actual feeling of cold weather. I get cold way too easily and don’t do well in frigid temps, lol….Anyone else!?

What I’m Working On

I kind of, may have, fell off of my yoga game. For a while I was doing it daily sometimes even twice a day. But in August I pulled out my mat, mmm once a week? So in September, I decided I wanted to do better and get back in the habit of doing it daily. So far so good, I’m back in the spirit and have been keeping up with it.

I’m also behind on responding to comments, messages and DM’s as well as reading everyone’s blogs!!! So I’m working on catching up!

What I’m Excited About

Snack Crate!!! Okay so Britt introduced me to this monthly snack subscription box where each month they send you a box of snacks from a different country. I for one love subscription boxes but one filled with snacks?!?! ITS CALLING MY NAME! So on my birthday, as part of my gift she gave me a gift certificate to try it out.

I got my first box and the snacks were from Canada and it came with about 15 different items. The photo is sloppy as heck because I was so excited that I immediately dug in so a lot of those are already opened. Super cool concept though if you’re a snacker like myself 🙂

What I’m Watching/Reading

Let’s see, a lot of sports. The Celtics (until they got eliminated) and now the Patriots, if they broadcast it on a national channel. As for binge-watching shows: Ratched, The Social Dilemma (and a bunch of other Netflex docs), Sister Sister (oldie but goodie!), Pen15 over on Hulu… and a bunch of recurring episodes of The Office, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Love Island, Seinfeld, etc…

I’m currently reading a book called “Lean Out”, I’m 2 chapters deep and already love what I’ve read. I sadly haven’t allocated much time to reading *sigh* but I’m hoping to finish it by Oct!

What I’m Listening To

My spotify is usually ALWAYS on. Music sooothesss my soul. Right now I’m loving this song-

What I’m Wearing

At this point, I’ve transitioned to long pants and long sleeves. Leggings and joggers are my go-to. I’ve been loving my Fabletics leggings and Lululemon joggers!

My “as of lately” outfits are a long sleeve crop top with leggings, something like this…

AND my ugg slippers that I LOVE

What I’m Doing This Weekend

This weekend Andrew and I are going away for a long weekend trip. A place we’ve been already but we’re SO excited to go back. We did a lot of the touristy things the first time we went, so now our itinerary is pretty open. We have some hikes in mind and really we’re just going to do things at our own leisure which will be nice. This place also happens to have our FAVORITE acai smoothies and it’s all we can think about.

TIP: I love to post on my instagram story while away, so to follow along live you can follow me at Jennyjo.xo 🙂

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month

I have a VERY VERY VERY special guest coming to visit me next month and I’m head over heels THRILLED! A whole slew of adventures to come!

What Else Is New

I think that’s all I really have! Happy Wednesday, enjoy the day!!!

xo, JJ

5 thoughts on “Whats Up Wednesday- September

    1. YESS OMG, it’s awesome (and yummy 😋 ). I know my best friend got one from Amsterdam which was really neat too! If you’re a snacker, you’ll LOVE it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Love Pho. Love acai bowls😍 I lived off them in Greece and now I’m sad nowhere near me sells any plus it’s not the weather for it boo😂 I love that snack box idea! Have you ordered the next one? I completely feel you I just don’t like being cold. At work because of covid we have to have all windows and doors open and it’s now down to 12 degrees and rain. It’s making me hate autumn🙈 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YESS omg pho and acai, SO YUM!!! I haven’t ordered my snack box for next month yet but you’ve totally just reminded me to do so 🙂 !!
      Oh jeeze, the fact that they make you leave the windows open in those cold temps, burrr!!! Dress warm and stay warm ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I Adore these What Up Wednesday posts! That food looks amazing! Awe hugs! Girl I hear you on trips, I remember when you went to California I was so jealous! Eeeekk congrats beauty! That is so exciting on the certification! And girl sounding like a former yoga instructor, it is a journey, it is always there for you when you need yoga! 🙂 I LOVED the Social Dilemma! SO good! I hope more people watch it AND talk about it!
    I LOVE that you are listening to that song! It was written about my friends, one of whom lost his battle with COVID, and the last line in that song is for his son and makes me cry every time.
    LOVE your outfit staples! I feel like yoga wear is the way to go especially with the cold upon us! Which like I am NOT looking forward too (but I am kinda excited for Christmas!)
    Ahhh I am so excited for you! I can not wait to read and follow) your adventures! I hope you have an amazing month sweets! ❤


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