Colorado: Guanella Scenic Bypass


So on yesterday’s post I very briefly alluded to this past weekend where Andrew and I were on the prowl to do some foliage sightseeing. Well, this is the post for it 🙂

On Saturday, with a quick google search, we found a nearby scenic bypass road called Guenella Pass, that goes from Georgetown to Grant or vis versa. We started out in Grant and ended up in Georgetown nearing about an hour drive from one end to the other (granted you WILL be making stops along the way).

Oh my gosh, ok! Where to even start?! This road was FILLED with so much to do and see, as most bypasses in CO go. We encountered a bunch of waterfalls, a crystal clear creek, hikes, mountaintops, a summit, a couple lakes, foliage and views for dayzzzz. Ambiance was 10/10.

As soon as you turn onto Guanella Pass (coming from Grant, otherwise it’ll be at the end of the drive) the first thing you come across is this beautiful clear as day creek. I absolutely recommend stopping! The creek was this beautiful mediterranean blue and just unlike anything we’ve seen out here in Colorado. I mean we’ve seen clear as heck water here (lakes/reservoirs) but for a creek it was certainly unusual and therefore caught our eye.

After we sat and gawked at it for some time, we continued on…

Shortly thereafter, we came across some waterfalls. From the angle of the photo, we were closer to the top of the falls and the water continued to flow down the mountainside; it was slightly steep but the water itself wasn’t deep (perfect for climbing all around it 😉 ).

We made a few more stops along the way….

Second waterfall that we stopped at.

Second lake we encountered

And then just gorgeous views on the way down from the mountain.

And as all good things go, our little scenic drive came to an end as we approached Georgetown. Guanella Pass was perfect for what we were looking for and I can guarantee we’ll be revisiting to get some hikes in and I already can’t wait. FYI- The road closes the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Has the foliage peaked through where you are yet? Do you plan trips around seeing foliage?

xo, JJ

12 thoughts on “Colorado: Guanella Scenic Bypass

  1. Absolutely beautiful!! This reminds me a lot of the White Mountains of New Hampshire (which we’re hoping to visit in a few weeks). Foliage is just starting here in New England, and I’m loving the colors.
    You took such lovely photo’s!! I really, really want to visit Colorado one day! 🙂

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    1. Yess!!! The crazy thing is I’ve only gone to the white mountains maybe a total of 3 times (being that
      I’m a Bostonian!!) I can’t believe I haven’t thoroughly explored the terrain there but I’ll just live vicariously through you until I get around to it again 😉 Colorado is such a great spot and great for a family trip! Come over to the west coast ❤

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      1. Oh wow!!! Yes, I love the White Mountains SO much! I actually live an hour from Boston, but the White’s aren’t too far. We’re headed there this month for a week, and I just can’t wait!!! The foliage is going to be perfect.
        And YES!!! I really, really want to travel to the west coast sooooo badly! Hopefully I’ll make it there in the next few years. 🙂


  2. Okay supermodel, Jenny you look AMAZING.
    Your pictures take my breath away as always, I am so grateful to you for sharing your adventures and photos with us… I never would have known how dreamy Colorado is if it wasn’t for you and now it’s a must that I visit, it looks like the most gorgeous place ever, you are so lucky to live somewhere so dreamy, close to all these incredible nature spots. I am so happy for you that you found this special place which means so much to you and you’re enjoying it to the (water)fall-est – LOOL that pun – I hope you know what I mean there haha.
    Thank you so much for sharing, I can’t wait to see even more from your adventures hehe. Lots of love xxx

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    1. OMG Twinnie, your pun had me LOLing, of course I get it!! Mack would be so proud of that one!!! I’m honestly SO surprised by Colorado too, prior to visiting (and then moving) I also had NO idea how beautiful this state really is but so happy and blessed that I now have the opportunity to explore and enjoy it! You’re the kindest soul, thank you for your words of encouragement always ❤ ❤

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      1. Omg wouldn’t she haha. Mack is the pun Queen! Totally – the Universe really directed you to the most beautiful place and I couldn’t be happier for you. Lots of love ❤ xxx


  3. Gorgeous photos! You are stunning! As much as I complain because of the cold it is such a gorgeous time of year! You captured the foliage perfectly! I am so happy you got to enjoy it! ❤

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