Weekend Recap: LDW Getaway


Hello friends!

How are we? How was your Labor Day Weekend? Did you get some extra time off or do anything memorable?

Also quick note to my blogging friends and fellow WP users…. this update?! How do you feel about it? I’ve been toggling around a bit and I like the new add on capabilities, however, I’m not sure how much of it I’ll actually use. I think with most things it’ll just take some time getting used to? Thoughts?

Anywayssss, back to the good stuff.

So originally Andrew and I had planned to be in Boston over LDW to attend my cousin’s wedding but of course, like most things, it’s been postponed. So instead, we booked a quick weekend getaway because y’all know how we do šŸ˜‰ Our trip was actually super local, only an hour and half away but with what we had planned it just made sense to stay overnight (mostly to not leave Vin home alone for a long period of time).

Where we stayed: in Colorado Springs at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort which is apart of the Colorado Springs Country Club. We loved our 2 night/3 day stay with them and had a great mountain view from our balcony. Really nice area and closely located to all the things we were doing!


We left late morning on Saturday to head to our first stop- Bishop Castle.

I’m unfamiliar with the history of this castle but according to Google, it was built back in 1959 by a gent named Jim Bishop. When you see it for the first time, it’s fascinatingly convoluted and intricate. There’s several spiral staircases throughout and around the castle, bridge-ways, and stellar views. It’s actually really cool yet kind of frightening in some spots but overall really freaking neat.

On the way to the castle you drive by San Isabel National Forest and so we caught a glimpse of this view as we drove by.

Once we got to the hotel to check in we lounged a bit, ordered a late lunch, and got Vin pup settled in too. Originally we planned to do a hike but y’all the temps were at 100 degrees and that just didn’t sound great for a gal whose prone to heat exhaustion LOL.

But that night we had scheduled a time slot at a hot springs spa in Manitou Springs called SunWater Spa. As stoked as we were for it we had our guard up ONLY because we’ve officially experienced hot springs in its natural existence, whereas this hot spring is maintained and run by a spa. But we went into it with an open mind and HOLY MOLY it was AMAZING!

Here’s the details-

You can book 1.5hr time slots per mineral water soaking tub and you get your own tub/per reservation (which was great and what we loved about it). Full access to control the temps/jets, similarly to a hot tub. We loved the privacy (even though there were 2 other tubs on our floor, there was plenty of space) we couldn’t even hear our neighboring soakers talking.

We booked our time slot for 7-8:30PM so we had the luxury of watching the sunset over the mountains (although not captured, lol)

And with our reservation we also had access to the saline pools. There’s 3 different ones at 3 different temperatures and we used all three. It was amazing such a great experience. All of it!!! Luckily, it’s not far from us so we’re for sure going back. Can I also say that Andrew and I slept SOO well that night.


This was our Pikes Peak day trip. Pikes Peak is a notorious 14er here in Colorado, but more importantly, one that you can drive up to šŸ˜‰ We had driven up one other 14er, Mount Evans, but we didn’t actually make it to the very top because the road was closed after 10,000ft due to the time of year we went. But Pikes Peak, we made it! Alright so lets start with the photos-

Driving to the sky

Here’s the details- You have to book a reservation in advance to enter, we did the $15/pp. Once you reach a certain point (between miles 13-16, I think it was), there’s a shuttle service that takes you to the top of the summit. Due to construction at the summit theres limited parking space so it makes sense to do it that way. But fortunately enough, when we arrived the shuttle service was packed so they let a group of cars drive themselves up to the top so we had the luxury of going up on our own. WIN! They also have a donut shop at the top, even though we didn’t try it, I’ve heard its the best thing they sell up there!

My overall thoughts on Pikes Peak- I’m really glad we saw it but it’s not the first thing I’d suggest to a visitor. Both Andrew and I thought Mount Evans was way more wow-worthy (we actually wanted to go back but they’ve closed the road for the remainder of the year). And also in comparison to the plethora of sights and views I’ve come across, Pikes Peak was kind of anticlimactic. That’s just my personal take.

Later that day after the sun started going down we decided to go check out the lake attached to the country club and relax by the water. It was really nice and just what we needed.

And then ended the night with a little sunset walk with Vin through the residential part of the country club.


Of course, I started the morning with a #CupOfJo in hand šŸ™‚

Andrew and I got some pool time in before we checked out of our hotel and then we just decided to head back home to get ready for the week.

On another note- That coffee photo was Monday, where I was in my bathing-suit sweltering hot from the heat and between yesterday and today, right now as I type this… ITS SNOWING! And I thought New England had erratic weather, HA! Granted I’m sure it’ll be melted by tomorrow but still. Good ol’ Colorado.

xo, JJ

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap: LDW Getaway

  1. Girl I completely agree with you about WP. I got early access to it (lucky me.) and I am still trying to adjust. I wish they kept the classic editor as default, but you had the option of adding other blocks. I dunno. Between WP and FB, and Instas new algorithm it is all driving me cray-cray. But as you said we will adjust. (might take awhile lol)
    Your weekend sounds amazing! That castle is STUNNING! I NEED to go there! Awe I love Hot Springs, They are the best. That place sounds like a relaxing oasis! Your pictures looked stunning of Pikes Peak! Is it much of a drop off from the road? Have you ever been up Mount Washington? Bwahaha So did I! We haven’t gotten snow yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we did. And girl you know I live for your cup of Jo! ā¤

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