Life Update (August)

Cup Of Jo


Friends…. it’s SEPTEMBER?! What???

I for one kind of love September, something about this month feels refreshing and new. Granted it’s tough to say goodbye to summer (in a few short weeks) as fall begins to peer around the corner. But I love all things fall. Bring on the pumpkins, apple picking, the cozy sweaters/leggings, and foliage! Colorado seems like it’s ready too, today was actually the first day waking up to a cool crisp morning giving me all the autumn vibes. Did I also mention um, PUMPKIN CREAM COLD BREW is now available at Starbucks?!


SCORE! Yes, I’m a happy girl!

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve had my last Life Update, the last one I have posted was from June. To be fair not much as changed or gone on since then anyways. July honestly seems like a big blur to me consisting of applying to jobs and interviewing (yes, it’s still going on but I remain hopeful). The only thing to help differentiate the weeks are the weekend day trips (or long weekend getaways) that Andrew and I have been taking. All hail the weekend, am I right?

And now August has come and gone too. Oddly enough August had me in a funk for most of the month. Typically when that happens I just feel a complete lackluster to do anythinnnggg. Like no desire to be on social media or even write in my blog, although I still attempted to be present when I had the energy for it. My creativity had plummeted and I was in a slump. If I could point the finger at the culprit, I’d say it’s anxiety from job hunting combined with being homesick and missing my friends and family. The uncertainty still lingers. And I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes its hard to keep your head and mind afloat through it all, even when I’m constantly reminding myself mind over matter, its not always enough. But fear not I’m coming out of it, the days are getting better and I’m feeling lighter. I do my best to stay as productive as possible while sticking to my routine the best I can to keep my mind occupied.

Oh not to mention, the wild fires in Colorado have unfortunately been consuming the blue skies and sun which I’m certain has had a hand in provoking said funk. Pretty much all of August has been grey, hazy, cloudy, foggy, dreary and dark. We finally got a little bit of rain and I swear all of a sudden the mountains and skies are clear as day again *hallelujah*. This past Sunday was the first day in a while that it was clear blue skies and coincidentally thats when my mood started to simultaneously rise up again. Does anyone else feel like weather affects your mood/day?!

Last but not least, I did celebrate my birthday on the 24th of August 🙂 All the sweet messages and kind words really helped that day, I truly felt all the love and for that I’m so thankful for everyone that I hold near and dear to my heart ❤

That’s all I really have for today, just an easy short note letting some feelzzz out. Andrew and I have another little trip planned for Labor Day weekend (thank God for him and planning these trips for us) I’m excited about this one. I’m hoping this will help fully clear my mind and get me back on a fresh note!

But before I sign off, I’d love to hear some of your best tips/tricks to pull yourself out of a funk or to cope with anxiety. I wouldn’t consider my anxiety to be severe by any means but it certainly makes an appearance and it’ll come and go. Would love to hear from you if you have any recommendations/suggestions!

Thanks friends love you all!!

xo, JJ




3 thoughts on “Life Update (August)

  1. First off sending you SO much love sweets! It is okay to be in a funk and it is okay to be overwhelmed and have anxiety. It is okay. Sometimes I feel like we need to allow ourselves to be okay with not being okay, ya know what I mean? Being type A I feel like I have to be on and I don’t and neither do you! It is okay to feel ALL the things negative and happy. All part of this journey. That said, it WILL work out. You WILL find a job, this pandemic WILL end, you WILL get to see your friends and fam. Just have to get through this depressing little period, but it WILL happen.
    Okay pep talk done. Eeeek I can not wit to hear about this new adventure! I am living for these! Seriously you are fulfilling my wanderlust soul sharing your weekend getaways and girl YASSSSS a hundred times to pumpkin cream coldbrew (currently drinking one now!) it is life! I hope you have na amazing September sweet lady! Sending you so much love ❤

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  2. Yes trips!! Beach 🏖 and pumpkin picking is the best thing ever..
    And weather always affects my mood —winter sun and clear blue sky quite often makes me feel lighter somehow.
    With anxiety —I try reading, fresh air and family time, and it helps me focus. X

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