Breckenridge: Sawmill Reservoir

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Happy Monday y’all!

Holy moly, this weekend was truly unforgettable that I’m still daydreaming about all of it. Last week was incredibly lackluster and for that I was feeling off for no apparent reason- but sometimes it’ll be like that. Needless to say, I was very strongly looking forward to the weekend and I just knew in order to regroup and gain control over my sanity again, I needed to be out and about somewhere in the mountains. And what better than to go spend the day in my favorite ski town- Breckenridge.

So I’ve been using the “AllTrails” app to find good hiking spots and y’all this app has been a life savior. I highly suggest downloading if you’re a hiker too, I find it extremely handy and super informative because it gets a little overwhelming here in CO trying to figure it all out. But I jumped on there and looked for a nice hike in Breckenridge and found a pretty easy one, right up me and Andrew’s speed with amazing views of a beautiful reservoir.

Sawmill Reservoir


Know Before You Go: Y’all it’s such an easy spot to get to. The walk from the parking lot to the actual reservoir was a very short and easy walk. Once you’re at the reservoir there’s a ton of paths to veer off onto to explore and hike through or you can just do laps around the reservoir. I believe it was 1.3 miles around the entire thing.

As you start to approach the reservoir you walk by this patch of sweet little wild flowers.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 3.39.34 PM Makes my heart so happy.


And then once at the reservoir it’s seriously breathtaking. The most amazing, peaceful, serene little spot.





We sat and admired the view for quite some time, it was so fulfilling just taking it all in and being present. I instantly felt all the stress dissipate from my body- I needed this.

We did veer off when we heard a creek nearby so we decided to go find and follow it. It’s not far off from the trail to loop around the reservoir. Little did I realize it lead us the Breck ski lifts which was pretty awesome.









It was just so lush and beautiful all around, everywhere we walked. It’s very easy to get around, the trails are very clear and concise which is always appreciated. We wandered around for quite a bit until we decided to head back to the reservoir to finish our lap before getting some food downtown.


I truly could’ve spent all day at the reservoir, it was stunning. We eventually headed downtown to get some food and walked around downtown before heading back home.


On the drive home we came across this billowing cloud, little did we know it was actually a smoke cloud. Unfortunately there’s been a couple fires here in Colorado, assuming due to the dryness. I know there was a severe one out in Glenwood Canyon which is my favorite bypass to get to Aspen. Fires are devastating no matter how small or big and it truly breaks my heart knowing these beautiful terrains are getting entangled in the them. Pray for CO.


I love these mountains with all my heart. I can’t even put into words the love that I have for them and how they make me feel. Everything I was feeling the week prior was dismantled by a simple trip being somewhere I love. So with that said-

Find places that make you feel some type of way, places that makes your heart and soul so happy when you’re there ❤

xo, JJ

8 thoughts on “Breckenridge: Sawmill Reservoir

  1. I LOVE the ALLTrails app! Such a great one especially right now! What a gorgeous place! This post makes my heart SO happy! The love you have for Colorado and the mountains comes out in every post and I am so happy that YOU are happy! You deserve it so much! ❤

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    1. Oh I’m so late to the game with the AllTrails app but oh my lanta does it help tremendously!!! Better late than never I guess lol I truly can’t get a grip on how much LOVE I have for this state. It’s crazy to think that I only ever considered Boston to be home (still will be forevermore) but CO really surprised me. I’m so happy that you’ve been with me through city days and now mountain days ❤ ❤ ❤


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