5 Bucket List Destinations

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I’m freakishly excited to be writing this post because I’m yearning to get back to traveling but if the best I can do is day dream, then so be it. In any regard I love talking about travel, I love exploring cultures, seeing new things, trying the food! Gosh, I miss packing my bags, I miss the excitement of heading to the airport, getting my coffee after security, aimlessly wandering the airport until my flight, and then take off. All of it.

So in my off time I’ll casually lurk my dream destinations on Pinterest and whip up a full on itinerary. Anyone else overly ambitious/prepared like that? It’s actually my favorite past time as a wanderluster and it dabbles into my love for making lists. So today I’m sharing my top 5 bucket list travel destinations.


Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.11.02 PM

I’ve been doing crazy extensive research on Switzerland for a while now and it encapsulates all things I love in one place. Andrew and I declared this to be one of our travel destinations for our honeymoon. If/when we can ever get married and have a proper wedding. But the plan is that each of us are going to choose a place and whatever place we choose, we’d be responsible for the planning. Mine was Switzerland.

In particular, I’m envisioning Geneva to Lauterbrunnen. and then quick stops over in Jungfrau, Interlaken, and Grindelwald.


Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.21.19 PM

Okay so Andrew’s choice is Greece, which is HIGH on my bucket list as is. A man with great taste πŸ˜‰

Although Andrew is doing the planning for this one, what I know that we’ll be doing is at least one night in Athens to visit some of the Ancient ruins- because y’all know old historical and decrepit structures are my favorite. But from there Santorini and Mykonos is where we’ll spend majority of our time.


Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.26.10 PM

Surprisingly enough, when I used to think of traveling in Europe, the first locations that came to mind were Italy & France, but lately, I’ve been having the urge to do more of a London/Amsterdam combo. I’m not entirely sure what swayed me in this direction but the more research I was doing the more I can see myself leisurely wandering these gorgeous streets.

Telluride, CO

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.31.10 PM

Telluride from where I live is about a 6 hour drive, so not as do-able for a day trip but a long weekend is surely in the works! Aside from seeing one of the more popular ski towns in Colorado, there’s a boatload of other neighboring places to explore. One in particular that I really have my eye on is the Mesa Verde National Park to see these cliff dwellings.

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.33.46 PM

I just see this photo and I can’t help but to wonder HOW?!?!

Banff, AB

Screen Shot 2020-08-04 at 2.37.06 PM

I honestly don’t know that I need to say more. I know that my readers KNOW my love for mountains and gorgeous lakes so to no surprise the Canadian rockies is obviously on my top travel bucket list!

Of course, my list goes on and on but my top 5 ignites excitement into my bones.

Where are your TOP 3 places to visit?Β 

xo, JJ

22 thoughts on “5 Bucket List Destinations

    1. Oh yess Iceland is on my list too!!! I need to get to the Blue Lagoon!! Hawaii is phenomenal, I definitely want to go back and check out the islands ❀

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    1. Portugal, yess!!! I’m dying to see the islands. Such great choices too!! Hopefully things will slowly let up so that you can get on with your travels πŸ™‚

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  1. I definitely love Santorini, Paros, and Athens; they’re my favorite on that side of Greece, and on the northeastern side, the coastal town of Parga and the lakeside mountainous city of Ioannina are my favorite. I feel like all of Greece is absolutely special though.

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      1. You’re welcome! If you wanted a sort of out-of-the-way place, Ioannina is amazing! I really recommend it! The lake views there are unbeatable. Santorini and Paros are incredible islands as well.

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  2. Umm yes to ALL of those places! We need to plan a girls trip! It is funny because I use to feel the same way about England, that you did, but now that I am older I actually really want to visit. Greece is at the top of my list, as is Banff. I also want to go to Portugal and Bali. Definitely feeling the travel bug, hopefully soon! ❀

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    1. A girls trip would be a literal DREAM!!!! Portugal and Bali are probably 6 and 7 on my list if this continued on lol Originally Andrew and I were planning an Asia trip for our honeymoon which included Bali, but I’m still going to make it a point to go visit!!!


    1. Yess the views at all 3 of those spots, I’m sure would be a sight for sore eyes!! I wish I could start planning it all now, the anticipation is killing me LOL ❀

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  3. If you are looking to do a few islands in Greece then definitely add in Paros it’s the most beautiful place and so relaxed and chilled out! I much preferred it there to mykonos! Santorini will always be my favourite! I’ve written a blog on santorini and have one on the way for Paros and Mykonos if you wanted to check it out x


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