Day Trip: Boulder Falls and Eldora Mountain

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Hey friends!

Today I want to share a fun little day trip Andrew and I took this past weekend! It was another one of those days where we had made plans to go do one thing, and then something interfered with our original plan, so we were tasked to spontaneously find a new adventure elsewhere. Anddd as a result we found something really great!

Originally we were headed to a national park in the direction of Boulder to do some hiking. Well, the parking lot was full so we couldn’t even get in, but luckily we were super close to Boulder. Y’all know I love Boulder, CO- there’s plenty of things to do and see. I immediately started googling what to do in Boulder and one of the first things that popped up that we haven’t done yet was the Boulder Falls.

The description I read was something like “The Yosemite of Boulder” and at that point I was sold. In your GPS just type in Boulder Falls and it comes right up! It was very easy to get to minus the construction that delayed our arrival time but not bad at all.

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: I would 100% bring/wear a mask, it’s quite populated and it’s a small-ish area that people gather in.  You can drive right to the falls, park along the side of the road, and it’s a very easy simple short trail to get to the falls.



I will say, this was one of the more impressive waterfalls I’ve seen in Colorado. It was flowing pretty heavily at 70ft. I loved it especially because you can get real close to the waterfall, I’m very hands on and have the urge to touch things (anyone else?) so I appreciate when you can get up close and personal. And I’m sure on a hot day it’s great but also and as always use your best discretion. The creek was quite shallow when we were there.




The creek it lead into was gorgeous. There were little wildflowers growing alongside in the grassier areas. Really pretty. We sat there and listened to the water for a bit, so soothing.


So because of all the construction we were faced with on the drive there, we decided to continue on the road to the next neighboring town 12 minutes away,  Nederland, CO. We knew nothing about Nederland, but there’s a small mountain resort nearby called Eldora, so we decided to go check it out. Where there’s a mountain, there’s got to be good views!




Driving up a mountain is crazy to me. I’m constantly thinking about (and thanking!!!) the people who built these roads alongside a mountain so that you can drive up to the top. Sometimes you drive in tunnels that go directly through a mountain and I’m just WOWed that people, humans, built this at an elevation of 8000+ ft and higher. And now because of that, we can easily travel through mountain terrains. Like sometimes you’re in a town and need to get to a neighboring town but it’ll take you twice as long because the only route is to go around the mountain, not through it. Sorry y’all I’m going into a love frenzy right now but all of this just adds to my fascination with exploring these landscapes. I love it.

Anyways, we stopped along the side at one of the pull off areas and Andrew decided to run up a rock mountain. Oh he blends in with the trees so nicely.

Andrew going THROUGH the mountain and I decided to go AROUND it LOL!

Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 3.16.24 PM

It was getting cloudy so we decided to head back home before the rain started. It’s been raining like once a day every day for maybe the past month now. Definitely more rain this summer than it was last summer from my recollection but we could definitely use it.

Another memorable day trip in the books!

xo, JJ

2 thoughts on “Day Trip: Boulder Falls and Eldora Mountain

  1. What a great day! That waterfall is gorgeous! And that mountain! Oh my!
    Oh my gosh girl the construction here has been no joke! Literally have to tack on at LEAST an extra half hour if not hour because of it.
    Also I completely agree with you! It is incredible what humans have created especially decades and centuries ago when technology wasn’t what it is now. Like HOW did they make it? Totally geeking out, but I use to be a huge fan of History’s Modern Marvels. Such a great show that would just make me go how even after they broke things down. Lol. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right!! I’m like astonished at mankind, but so very thankful for them lol where can I find that show? I feel like I’d totally be into it.


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