5 Favorite Products (July)

Cup Of Jo

Hello friends!

You know, I love a good sharing post. I love writing one, I love reading one, they’re single handedly one of my favorite ways of getting reviews/testimonials on products that are new to me. I’m all about trying new things and if works for me, I love to tell the world.

Here are 5 that I’ve been loving on lately-

iS Clinical- Cleansing Complex

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.36.05 AM

This facial cleanser had been recommended to me by my esthetician. I went to her at a period where I was having frequent acne breakouts, in particular on my chin/upper neck which was new and unusual for me. After her analysis, she deemed that it was in fact hormonal breakouts and simultaneously recommended me the iSClinical line. I’ve been using this cleanser for almost a year and my breakouts have been basically non existent since then. I do love that this line is botanically based. It’s worked wonders on my skin and if you’re known to have hormonal break outs, I’d highly suggest asking your dermatologist or esthetician about this line.

USE: Twice a day- morning and night. A little dollop goes a long way.

Vitamin C Serum/Oil

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.36.29 AM

I’ve been using vitamin C oil for as long as I’ve been using my facial cleanser- it’s apart of the same line. This item in particular I will admit is quite pricey through this brand, however, it’s a product I wish I knew then what I know now. It’s helped with my complexion tremendously, my skin has done a complete 180 since incorporating a vitamin c serum into my skin care regime. For someone who used to break out; it helped reduce redness, keeps my face hydrated, brightens, got rid of my under eye circles (even last winter I didn’t have to wear concealer under my eyes), promotes collagen, protects against sun damage… y’all the list goes on and on. Vitamin C oil is the best thing that’s happened to my skin.

USE: Twice a day- morning and night after facial cleanser. Three drops is enough to cover my face and neck.

Monat Leave In Conditioner

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.37.22 AM

I was a little hesitant on adding this product because for one, I know this brand is a little controversial (I’m still on the fence and I’m not promoting or working for the brand!) but also I’ve only used it for ~2 weeks now. However, I’ve used it every other day since getting it and I already see what it’s done to my hair and I’m very satisfied with it. I love this leave in conditioner because it’s good for damp towel dried hair AND on dry hair. Now that it’s summer and the sun is HOT, I throw in a few pumps if I know I’ll be outside exploring. But y’all I’ll be completely honest, I felt the difference after first use. My hair was smooth, silky, soft, and manageable. It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it feel greasy (could vary depending on hair type) but I went almost 5 days without having to wash my hair and that’s with me applying this product at least twice within those 5 days. As an added incentive it’s a plant based product!

USE: I use it after the shower (great detangler) and then I throw in a little bit when my hair is completely dry. And then as needed as I go out in the sun.

Trader Joe’s Sugar Body Scrub

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.37.08 AM

Oh my love for Trader Joe’s. I picked up this product last winter and have had it in my shower with me since. I love a sugar scrub, it leaves my skin feeling smooth as heck and I’m a sucker for anything that smells good. I believe the scents are seasonal, so they’ll change every now and then. I’ve been using the Grapefruit Ginger one but I think right now they have a Strawberry Lemonade one out.

USE: I use my regular body wash to lather and then I’ll go back a second time with this scrub.

Kerastase Purple Shampoo

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.36.55 AM

I thought I was done with purple shampoo since going back brunette but I was wrong. When I get my hair done, we do baby lights and then throw a dark toner on top. As a result it comes out brunette but over the course of a few washes, the blonde peaks through to add some dimension. That blonde, although it’s not prominent, will appear brassy over time and purple shampoo has helped keep it ashy and dark. I’ve used SO many purple shampoos while being blonde but Kerastase, has been my most reoccurring. Toners don’t last too long, depending how often you wash, but I’ve gone 5-6 months between toner’s because purple shampoo is a sweet quick fix to help maintain the brown.

And thats it! These are my fan favorites for the time being. I don’t foresee my skincare line changing anytime soon but I’m excited to share more products down the line that I’ve been loving!

What are you interested in? Skincare, Vitamins, Haircare, Makeup, etc. Are you prone to trying new things? Do you have any variations/brands of these items that you love and want to share? 

xo, JJ


5 thoughts on “5 Favorite Products (July)

  1. Thanks for sharing! I love a good vitamin C serum! I am obsessed with skincare! I do try new things but I get worried that I might break out because I have acne-prone skin.


    1. oh same!! I’m just as fearful of trying new skincare items because I have acne prone skin too! What line/brand do you use, if you don’t mind me asking?


      1. I use Tula products as well as Summer Fridays, Ole Henrikson, Caudalie, and Drunk Elephant sometimes! I recently wrote about my updated morning skincare routine too!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl I think you read my mind! I was going to do an Instagram shoutout because I have hormonal acne, and it has been particularly bad. (thanks stress!) I have been looking for something that might help, but it is incredibly difficult to treat. (the products I have been using I thought were hoping, but it is just around certain times of the month if ya know what I mean and it stinks!) I will definitely be looking into isclinical. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤


    1. Ugh the hormonal break outs are treacherous, I totally feel you (esp during that time LOL). But yes, if you can get your hands on iSclinical, I’d definitely try it out. My medspa gave me a sample to try that lasted about a week and even in that week I saw a transformation. The combo of the cleanser plus the serum has worked wonders for me. I rarely break out now, if ever, even during that time of the month. The only downfall is that you’d have to find like a medspa or something that sells that line they don’t let you purchase online for some reason, or at least I couldn’t find a way to purchase. Let me know if you try it!! xoxo


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