Life Lately: Weekend Recap

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Hey y’all! I’m coming in hot this Tuesday with a little Life Lately update for ya! So what’s been going on in the Life of Jenny?

Well, I’m still latched onto my last getaway to Aspen, I truly cannot stop thinking about that gorgeous place. I almost feel like it did me dirty because now my every day feels slightly more dull when I’m not submerged within those glorious ginormous mountain peaks at all times. HA! I seriously need that 24/7. But if you need to catch up on that trip, I broke it down into 3 posts that you can read here-

Aspen Trip: Day 1 Vail & Airbnb

Aspen Trip: Day 2 Maroon Bells & Frying Pan Road/Rhudi Reservoir

Aspen Trip: Day 3 & 4 Aspen, Penny Hot Springs & Glenwood Canyon

Okay what else…

This past weekend Andrew and I snagged some pool time at our apartment complex.


It’s crazy to think that between May-Sept of last year 2019, I was pretty much out there every single day! Mind you the pool is open year round since it’s heated. And now this year, they kept it closed up until after memorial day and now with proper guidelines and a sign up sheet. So we finally booked some time out there and it was really nice having a refreshing pool to soak in. WIN!

After our pool time we wanted to go explore something new *go figure*, so Andrew found us this neat park in a town called Bailey to see some cool rock formations/mountains. Well, um, we got there and it was not nearly what we were anticipating. I’m not even sure we went to the right spot but uh, yeah not what we intended. But thats OK! If there’s one thing we learned about exploring CO, not all explorations and adventures are going to turn out as planned but you learn from it and try again. So as we typically do when we’re misguided we go and find something else 🙂

Andrew knew of a spot more local to home near one of the more popular golf courses in this part of town. It’s called Roxborough State Park.

To think this park is within the same town as us, basically in our backyard, I was thrilled! The park is filled with red rock and flatiron mountains. It reminded me of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, which is an awesome spot to check out (FOR FREE)!

But this was the park-




We hiked for about 1.5 miles and wanted to do more but we were very underprepared and came with ZERO water on a scorching 90 degree day. Note to self: bring water with you EVERYWHERE at any time no matter what.


On Sunday we were on a mission to make moves to complete our balcony. Andrew had sold our bar height balcony dining set before we had anything in line to replace it. So I jumped onto Wayfair ordered some wicker chairs prior to our departure to Aspen, to which it was suppose to arrive the following Tuesday when we came back. Well Tuesday came around- nothing. Wednesday came around- nothing. So I reached out, Wayfair apologized with a 10% off because our order was “lost” and were reshipping new ones. The new ones were suppose to ship by July 30th!!! Like, no thank you! That’s way too far, we need furniture now. So I canceled and Sunday funday we were on the prowl for a furniture set.

We actually bought a set from Lowe’s which wasn’t even on our radar, it just so happens that it’s next to a furniture store (that did not have one single patio/balcony set…odd) and a Home Goods which we also checked too. Lowe’s surprised us and had a set that I instantly fell in love with.

It was a 3-piece set (2 chairs and 1 table) and it was CHEAPER than the two chairs we bought off of Wayfair- WIN!


The table top came with that denim blue top which I didn’t like whatsoever nor did it go with the pillows/cushions I chose from Home Goods so I did a quick DIY spray paint job and turned it white!

TA-DA! So much better!


Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.47.45 AM


Vin approves!


I love how it came out although its not complete. I’m looking for a little pouf as a foot stand and if you noticed we have bricks surrounding our plants to keep them from blowing over (LOL). Yeah, need to get some proper planter pots too! But going from no furniture to this set up, I’m ecstatic! In fact, I’m sitting out here right now typing this out.

Later that night, I had pre-purchased tickets to one of my favorite podcasters first live online show. Heather McMahan from The Absolutely Not Podcast that I’ve been preaching to y’all about. If you need a giggle go listen to her episodes- THEY. ARE. HYSTERICAL!

IMG_4057 copy

My last life lately thing I wanted to share… and maybe if anyone has any feedback on these products and would like to let me know what they think, I’m allllll ears!

I’ve caved bought some Monat products.


I’m incredibly indifferent when it comes to the MLM pyramid scheme kind of retail. To me, it’s a ‘to each their own’, you know? It’s not my thing but it could totally be yours. But what I do support and stand by are plant based products! My skincare line that I’ve switched over to is plant based and has changed my skin for the better. I think my hair is in good condition but as anything goes, it can always be better so I’m eager to see if there’s a change in my hair post using these products.

I got dry shampoo because I’ll admit as a beloved user of Batiste (I still love it), having butane in the product just doesn’t sound so appealing. I’m also trying the leave in conditioner; I love my Alterna Caviar leave in conditioner but again I’d like to see what a plant based product can do. And then I bought their moisturizer; currently I use one from Clinique and it’s really kept my face hydrated. So we’ll see how this one matches up to that. And because I bought this package it came with a tester shampoo (which I’ll admit is a pretty decent size for a “tester”). I have high hopes and I’m excited to review the products once I start using them!

And that’s been my Life Lately.

To anyone who has previously used (or uses) Monat or knows someone that has used/using let me know what you think or what they think. I’d like some testimonials other than from the ladies that sell the products. Thanks! 

xo, JJ

2 thoughts on “Life Lately: Weekend Recap

  1. I am OBSESSED with your balcony! It came out so well! What a gorgeous oasis! I am so happy you snagged some pool time. Pool time is the best! Girl you are really kinda selling Colorado to me, which is ironic because as a Mountain Girl by birth, I kinda always shy away from mountain towns, but your pictures are stunning! As are you! ❤


    1. LOL YES PLEASE COME TO CO, KATE!!!! I’d love to host you and show you all my favorite spots. I’m honestly shocked that I didn’t spend enough time in the mountain towns back on the east coast. But I kinda love how we both went from city life to mountain life, almost simultaneously at the same time ❤ And thank you, I'm SO happy with the balcony now. It finally feels cozy and welcoming, I've been spending so much time out there its been a great little design renovation.


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