Thoughts And Whatnots: Inside My Purse

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Good morning friends!

For this lovely Monday I wanted to whip up post that I personally love sharing and in turn love reading from fellow bloggers. A good ol’ fashion

What’s Inside My Purse

My curious nosy self loves to see what you carry around, what’s important for you, and it’s nice when I can pick up little organization tips on the way! Y’all know those purses and bags can become a black hole, and if you’re like me it’s infested with receipts and straw wrappers! On the contrary, I have to say I’ve actually been doing my due diligence with keeping the contents organized and receipts and straw wrappers out.

For the spring/summer, I’ve completely switched up my purse game and have gone with a durable crossbody tote that I purchased from yours truly, Target. Can’t go wrong with Target, am I right? I actually love invading their purse/bag selection, they have just about any shape, size, style to fit your look! This is mine:


From the collection: A New Day

I bought this one back in March right as quarantine began; I really wanted something lightweight but a good sized crossbody that I could take with me on hikes or mini day trips. You know, a bag that was OK with getting down and dirty with me when we’re rustling through the dirt and woods. God knows Tory Burch is too refined for that lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 10.51.31 AM

What’s important to me:


-Lightweight, flexible (similar to a mesh style)

-I wanted it to be roomy and able to fit a laptop or a pair of sneakers in there comfortably. In addition water bottle and any other larger items, if necessary.

-Pockets or compartments inside

My new and improved method was to keep the contents inside minimal in order to keep it as light and organized as possible. Shall we have a look see?


We got the basics: keys, air pods, wallet, sunnies, and gum.


I LOVE this clear travel case and I highly recommend it to keep smaller items in close knit quarters. Also from Target 😉 It’s nice because if I need or want to change up my bag, I basically just pull this out and it has all my important necessities contained together.


Inside: body spray, lash curlers, lip balm, lotion, chapstick, a mini mirror, eye drops, pepto, and bobby pins. I will always vouch for a clear case, it makes it super easy to spot what you need to pick out.


And lastly, good ol Flonase to appease allergy season, a microfiber wipe for my glasses/sunnies, and of course a face mask. I actually have like 3 in my purse ha.

That’s what’s inside my bag- Spring/Summer edition 🙂

What are some major must-haves that you carry around? Do you have any organizational tips? Do you switch bags according to the season? Share below! 

xo, JJ



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