long weekend: boulder/valmont butte, paddle boarding

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Good morning friends!

How was your July 4th? Did you have time off? A long weekend? Did you do anything fun/memorable? Share below, I’d love to hear what you were up to! 🙂

Up until moving to Colorado last April, Andrew and I would always celebrate July 4th with his family. Fun fact: I met Andrew’s family for the first time on July 4th, 4 years ago. Needless to say, since moving to CO, Andrew and I celebrate holiday’s a little differently. But simultaneously I find it humbling being able to create our own memories/traditions and share this life together.

So what did we do over the long holiday weekend?

On Friday– Andrew had off, so we took a day trip over to Estes Park! To catch up on what we did and saw there, head on over HERE. A great day trip itinerary awaits!

Saturday’s adventure (July 4th) was a very last minute decision that started off as an epic fail but quickly turned into success. Colorado has be so kind to bless us with HOT weather and your girl loves the heat…WHEN THERE’S AN OCEAN NEARBY! For obvious reasons thats unattainable here, so instead, we’re tasked to find a creek, swimming hole, lake, pool, some source of water to cool off in. And y’all it’s not as easy when everyone congregates to the same spot with very limited space.  So after doing some research, we decided to check out the Boulder Creek. And as one would assume, we typed Boulder Creek into the GPS and for some reason, it took us on a 40 minute drive into a farmland town with zero bodies of water. In retrospect, I guess we should’ve been suspicious back when it took us off the one road to get to Boulder.

But you know what, not all adventures go as planned (and sometimes that’s apart of the adventure) but we continued to carry on and actually head to Boulder this time. In lieu of the creek, we had also planned to check out an abandoned outcrop afterwards, also in Boulder. The skies were looking awfully dreary so we chose to skip the creek for now and head to Valmont Butte first. Remember when I said I love old, abandoned, haunted, decrepit buildings… yup it still holds true. And finally I was going to go visit one!

Valmont Butte

“This now-abandoned outcrop is an important Native American spiritual site, overtaken by European settlers and mining pollution.” To uncover the general history of Valmont Butte, read more here, it’s how I found out about this precious spot in Boulder.

Located up on a short but steep dirt hill, Valmont Butte is totally visible to the public from the road. As much as I love a spooky adventure, I am also the one that gets totally spooked! My adrenaline was rising the closer I got to the settlement, a mix of fear and excitement, shaken not stirred.







There were several abandoned buildings, some not even photographed since they stood sparse from the rest of the community. I wanted to get up close and personal but a wavering fear of what was inside those pitch black buildings was eerie as heck, not to mention possible remnants of lingering contamination was not something I wanted to mess with. There was also someone roaming around in there and it just felt safer on the other side of the fence. Totally satisfying, Valmont Butte exuded this mysterious feel that left me thinking and curious more than ever- I loved it.

Boulder Creek

Surprisingly enough, the rain was holding off and it was still scorching hot out so we decided to officially find the creek. If you’re going, I recommend putting “Settler’s Park” parking lot into your GPS. From there once you park, you cross the street and you’re walking alongside the creek. The creek opens up to a beautiful park but I’d say majority of people are there to float down the creek! I’ve learned that’s the “thing” to do here, float down the rapid creeks. It actually looked so fun that Andrew and I ordered some floats to use for next time.




We spent some quality time by the water, dipped our feet in, soaked up the sun, and watched people float on by.


And on good ol’ Sunday we reserved some paddle boards at a nearby lake and hit the waters! It’s one of our newly favorite hobbies that we’ve picked up since moving here. It was the perfect peaceful way to end our long weekend 🙂


Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 1.27.23 PM

xo, JJ


One thought on “long weekend: boulder/valmont butte, paddle boarding

  1. Valmont Park looks AMAZING! I saw your pics on Insta and it is now on my bucket list! I feel like you summed up why I don’t like lakes and rivers, because as you said EVERYONE congregates there! Lol. Also I adore paddle boarding! It is one o fly favorite things to do also! ❤


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