colorado: breckenridge pt 1

Cup Of Jo


Today’s post makes my heart so full because I’m sharing some of my favorite finds in Breckenridge, a “know before you go with the GOOD stuff. There’s a lot to uncover here so I’m going to distribute these posts into parts to help break things up. The activities I’m listing today are perfect for any time of the year, but as all travel destinations go, checking the weather in advance helps. My personal favorite time of year is when you can catch a heavy snow capped mountain top which can be anytime between September-May. There’s still snow in June believe it or not but its sparse although the greenery is stellar going into the summer. Just know you can’t go amiss here. It’s really not hard to fall in love with this charming ski town you’ll be captivated by it’s wanderlust energy in no time. Wait till you see!

Sapphire Point

The first spot, a MUST-SEE, would be Sapphire Point. You’ll have prime access to a stunning overlook with the rocky mountains at eye level and Lake Dillion under your nose. It’s the spot I laid eyes on and simultaneously fell in love with this state. It’s where my burning love sparked and evolved.


The convenience of this spot makes the trip easy peasy. It’s a one road up, one road down, and if you’re driving up on the Breckenridge side, there’s plenty of pull off’s to enjoy the view but be sure to actually stop at Sapphire Point too! There’s a pretty decently sized parking lot with free parking and complementary restroom. From parking, there’s a nicely carved out path that brings you right to the overlook-

Here’s Some Sneak Peaks: 

May 2020: This is taken right off the pathway.

Pick your favorite time of year-

October 2018
3508B85F-B0D9-4571-A359-498A96BEB868 2
June 2019
August 2019
November 2019
February 2020
May 2020

Big Baldy Statue

This technically isn’t in Breckenridge but a from Sapphire Point its a short ride. If you went up on the Breckenridge end you’ll be coming down to Dillion, CO a neighboring town. If you want to get down to Lake Dillion and dip your toes with a view you can go to Big Baldy Statue.


Free parking lot! Enjoy! 

June 2020
Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 6.32.33 PM
February 2020
May 2020
June 2020
June 2020

Free Gondola & Downtown

I highly recommend taking the free gondola ride and see views up from
Shock Hill, Peak 7, and Peak 8. I’d check out the website to make sure the gondolas are running they do close a couple months out of the year.

Gondola, going up! December 2019


There is parking available (payment may be taken but the gondola is completely free). You can ride the gondola roundtrip, but I would recommend getting off, here’s what you can expect at each stop-

Shock Hill- Residential. Some of the most gorgeous mountain homes you’ll lay eyes on. I love strolling through the streets (and/or drive around the neighborhoods), there’s some gorgeous homes to gawk at.



Peak 7- Ski in/out, Lodge, Sevens Restaurant

Lifts at Peak 7

This photo was amidst a blizzard storm in the middle of December last year. It was the best ski/boarding vibes- everyone’s on the go there’s so much energy and I love being in the middle of it. At Peak 7. you can find lodging, ski lifts, and the Sevens Restaurant. Andrew and I have eaten there several times and have loved everything we’ve ordered. Highly recommend trying but I also highly recommend making a reservation. It’s been busy each and every time we’ve gone.

Peak 8- Ski in/out, lodging, restaurants and fun park. No photos yet, sorry y’all!

From the gondola you’re within walking distance to their downtown Main Street. I love aimlessly wandering through downtown Breckenridge. It’s a sweet cozy mix of aesthetically pleasing shops and restaurants intertwined with beautiful parks and a clear water creek running its course adjacent to the walking paths, it’s such a pleasant stroll especially with a cup of jo in hand.

Need a Cup of Jo? Check out Cabin Coffee Co. I love their iced french vanilla latte.







Isak Heartstone

I fell in LOVE with Isak and you will too. One of the coolest raddest sculpture’s built completely out of recycled material by Thomas Dambo. Check out his other trolls across the world, they’re all fascinating!


There’s a few ways to get to Isak. Andrew and I walked because it’s an easy ~15 minute walk (from main street) to get to the trail and it was gorgeous out. I loved the leisure walk.

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 7.30.33 PM

On the way-



When you see the railroad park you know you’re close! Once you begin to approach the trail you’ll see signs like this. It gave me like Harry Potter vibes and I loved it.


It’s not deep into the trail to see Isak, just make your way on the carved path. When Andrew and I went, there was a line which I respected the courtesy of letting each visitor have their moment to check it out and snap a few photos. It was super organized and I appreciate that at public sightings.

Okay but seriously once you get to Isak and see him for your own eyes, he’s incredible!




I love that Isak has adapted that spot and he’s interactive with nature, he fits in perfectly. Isak is open and available to see at any time of the year- I can’t wait to revisit in the winter!

Alright y’all that’s it, this is part 1. I have so many more wonderful things I have to share so come back for more. There’s a tremendous amount to do with stunning views no matter what time of year you visit. Breckenridge has my heart and I’m so happy to have shared my favorite spots. If you have any further questions in regards to visiting; lodging, food recommendations, things to see, where to go/nearby towns to visit, I’m here for you! Just send me a message in the comments, it’ll be the best way to reach me!


xo, JJ



5 thoughts on “colorado: breckenridge pt 1

  1. Girl I am LIVING for your travel posts! Also you MIGHT have sold me on Colorado. Being from a mountain town I am kinda blah about them (like you guys, we STILL have snow capped mountains 😦 ) but your descriptions and your pictures are stunning! I have heard about the Thomas Dambo sculptures! I had no idea one was so close to where you live that is so cool! Thanks for sharing sweets! I can not wait to read about your next adventure! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss I’m so happy you like them!! It’s funny you say that (about growing up in a mountain town) because a girl I know who grew up in Vail, CO feels the SAME way about mountains- needless to say, she’s now living in California loving the ocean life. I’ve become just the opposite, but I will admit I’m missing the ocean A TON! And yes Thomas Dambo!! I guess there’s one in Chicago and Miami, I think as well…. don’t quote me on that but I’d love to go find more- they’re so neat!!! xoxo


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