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Woo TGIF y’all! Is it just me or are these weeks/months FLYING by?! The days are longer but they’re still zooming right past us. Speaking of zooming, I discovered something that gave me a little chuckle this week. Vin pup gets these little bursts of energy where he starts manically sprinting back and forth for like maybe 5 minutes or less. I can’t help but to LOL when it happens because he gets real low to the ground, ears pinned back, and he’s gone. I finally decided to google what triggers dogs to do that and the first thing that popped up was “dog zoomies”. Y’all idk why but that word made Andrew and I laugh out loud. But honestly, what a perfect name for that random explosion of energy. The Zoomies….

Anywhooo, it’s time to share this week’s Friday Favorites!

Mani & Pedi

Let us pay homage to nail salons being back in business! This nail obsessed gal has been waiting since March to get back into a nail salon. For those that know me, I’m a sociopath when it comes to having a fresh mani and pedi and the whole DIY thing is great and all but that polish does not last a week without chipping. This is appalling…



But alas, salons are open, they actually have been open since early May but I wanted to be cautious and wait it out a bit before jumping right back in. But here we are, so fresh so clean so HAPPY.


Instagram Purchase

I’m typically a skeptic when it comes to Instagram purchases; I mean I’ve heard horror stories of friends making sketchy venmo or paypal purchases and it either takes months to ship and if it does ship its completely different from the photo. So I take extra precautions and prefer to have a notable testimonial or two before whipping out the credit card. A girl cannot be losing $50 when she’s got a wedding to pay for. So someone that I randomly follow on instagram was rocking this gorgeous Martha’s Vineyard pendant necklace and I especially loved that it was hung on fish wire so it looks like the pendant is just floating. Well, how perfect that Britt’s birthday was right around the corner- My gem, her and I have this burning love for MV especially our adventures on the island together. So I bit the bullet contacted this insta-business and got one for bestie and one for me.



Best Instagram purchase. And I will say the customer service that the girl provided me with was phenomenal. Just attentive, caring, and she made the transaction so smooth and easy. I love great service. And for that I have to give her a shout out, find her Instagram @ bijoux_ar_


I, along with many others struggle to consume the proper amount of water daily. It’s not that I dislike H2O but I’m just not a very thirsty kind of person. But I will say the only two things I drink on the reg is coffee and ice cold water. And when I say ice cold, I mean I really can only get myself to drink water if it’s ice cold. So overtime I’ve bought countless insulated water bottles to preserve the icy coolness for as long as viably possible, I literally have one too many water bottles stocked up in the cabinet. RIP to all the cute water bottles I’ve purchased in hopes it’d motivate me to pick it up and drink the contents inside. But I’ve recently found one that has actually kept my water cold for a solid 24/hours if not longer and it’s been life changing. I bought it on Amazon here. It holds 32oz and I honest to God, have been consuming more water than I normally would with this bottle. I personally love it, I carry it around everywhere and it’s now a favorite of mine.



The sunsets these days?! Like c’monnn, I’m such a sucker for a good sunset.





Okay so a great friend of mine (who I will say is also a fellow virgo aka SHE GETS ME) suggested I take the Enneagram Personality Test. I love a good test that tells me more about me; Love Language, Birth Charts, The Myer-Briggs test, anything that I can just read more about me I’ll take it, I’ll do it, don’t ask me twice. I believe I took this Enneagram test before, but I couldn’t remember so I’m going to do it again and I did. My overall score was a 7 which means I most resonate with the Enthusiast and yeah I am down for an adventure, YOLO and do what you love. If you’re interested in seeing which personality you associate with, you can take it, right here.

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 2.44.16 PM

If you do end up taking it or already have and know your number, definitely share your score with me, I’m nosy and totally love this stuff.

Alright, that’s all I got for Friday Favorites this week. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, stay safe and I love you all. Thanks for coming by ❤

xo, JJ

One thought on “friday favorites

  1. Ahhh I LOVE your Friday Favorites! And this post made me smile! Girl I hear you about fresh nails! I also went this past week and was SO happy to have a fresh mani-pedi, I was literally crying walking into the salon! I LOVE the white! So beautiful and summery! I feel the same way that you do! I can be a skeptic, but I have had luck and I am happy you did as well! Those necklaces are adorable! I love them! Finding the best (and let’s be real, cutest) water bottle is such a struggle but when you do it is like the heavens open up and start singing! lOVE the color of your water bottle! And Yass girl LOVE me a sunset! You have been posting use beautiful ones! Thanks for sharing the beauty and always being that ray of sunshine! ❤


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