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Guys and gals I have to say I have been LIVING for podcasts these days. I go through these phases or moods, if you will and right now I’m on a podcast binge. Britt and I always have this debate, she is a podcast listener through and through and me, I typically prefer to throw on some jams and bop along to some music before I throw on a podcast. There’s a time and a place where I vigorously indulge in podcasts and that’s typically when I’m at the airport and/or on a plane. But, to clarify I do love and enjoy podcasts but my juxtaposition is in favor to music.

However, in recent turn of events I’ve been listening to podcasts more now than ever. Quarantine for sure kick started this frenzy but of course, I just had more time on my hands.

I have two categories that I go for; one that I love for just pure entertainment and humor and the other, I love for self improvement that duels as a learning tool. I will say that I give many kudos for those who are podcasters and choosing this as their career. It really takes a special type of intelligence to be able to speak for 30-45 minutes straight and typically solo while also consistently putting out fresh content. Before I get carried away, I want to give a special shout out to the podcasts/podcasters that I listen to and would highly recommend.

Token CEO

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.06.33 PM

The Token CEO by Erika Nardini, the CEO of Barstool Sports has become my top favorite since coming across it.  Erika is totally rough around the edges and spunky but simultaneously so well put together, it’s like I have this urge for her to take me under her wing and mentor me. I want to soak in every bit of knowledge that she sheds light on to her listeners. Her episodes are great because they’re typically ~10 minutes long (some episodes with guests are longer) but generally less than 30 minutes. It’s short, sweet, and to the point and I love that. She spits out quick and significant knowledge on business, different industries, gives level headed advice (coming from a CEO) and her opinions on the professional world are noteworthy. Overall great. A few short adjectives: quirky, articulate, relatable, and funny- just go listen!

Work Wo/man

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.43.46 PM

While in the spirit of educational/business podcasts, the next one I want to share is Work Wo/man by Natalie Workman. I started listening to Natalie when she had her Age Gap Realness podcast and I will say that I was shocked when I found out that she’s, I believe 26 or 27 years old because she withholds the knowledge of a 50 year old. Quite literally, her soon to be husband is 25 years older than her (hence Age Gap Realness) but she has retained so much wisdom from shadowing her successful businessman of a fiance and in turn regurgitates it back to her listeners in a way that is understandable and relatable. For me, Natalie is a great example of how I aspire to professionally verbalize and convey a message to whomever I’m speaking to. There’s like an “It” factor about her and I like it!

The Bitch Bible

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 5.09.11 PM

The Bitch Bible by Jackie Schimmel, is my escape to LOL town. This girl has me CACKLING, it’s a special type of humor but so real and so raw. Jackie is notorious for saying out loud the awkward and cringeworthy things that we’re ALL thinking about but don’t have the guts to vocalize it. She will and DOES. And yet, in such a fashion that is graceful, hysterical, cynical, and witty. It’s a “hoot and a holler” as she would say. This girl is also some sort of vocabulary wizard because she’s out of this world with the choice of words she casually strings together in her sentences. Girl’s got charisma for days, speaks about pop culture, life, relationships, and is the biggest advocate for authenticity. Like her stance on Kinergy, I CAN’T EVEN! Britt got me HOOKED on her and now I just put her onto anyone and everyone that asks me what podcast they should listen to.

Although you can’t go wrong with any of the 3 I named above I have a few more for you.

Entertainment: Absolutely Not by Heather McMahan (also HYSTERICAL and if you’re in a need of a good laugh). I also love Straight Up With Stassi by Stassi Schroeder because I love Vanderepump Rules *guilty* although I’m not sure what her current state is aside from that fact that she’s PREGNANT! If you know then you know.

Business: I talked about this one on my morning routine post, but The Elena Cardone Podcast by Elena Cardone. Her purpose, vision, and mission is to help people “Build An Empire” and I totally stand that. If you need a boost of motivation she’s a great go to.

I’d love to hear some podcasts suggestions for y’all.  Anything you listen to, have been recommended to you, that you’ve read or heard about, let me know. I’m open to any genre out there.

xo, JJ

4 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things: podcasts

  1. Ooh I’m obsessed with this post twinnie ❤ Thanks for sharing your recommendations. I totally love the sound of 'Token CEO' especially the fact that the episodes aren't too long. I like that. Natalie Workman's podcast sounds great too but what I really need to listen to ASAP is the Bitch Bible podcast. I'm in the MOOD for a good giggle so I totally want to check this out. Thanks so much for recommending.

    Personally I would recommend Isabel Palacios Taking Back Your Power podcast and the Mimibee podcast from Mimi Bouchard. They're both LOA / Spirituality style, self improvement. I love Mimi's because they're fun and like talking to a friend ❤

    thanks again for the recommendations lovely!


    1. Oh yesss, I am so excited for your recommendations. Your book recommendations are top notch so I can guarantee that I’ll love these podcasts. I love your ambition towards spirituality and I want to get on your level with that! Thank you for sending me your suggestions, Twinnie. Love ya!!! ❤


  2. I admit I am not a podcast listener, but like you, I am in awe of how someone can speak (and do it WELL!) for what would feel like hours (or days) to me. You shared such interesting and fun ones that I just might have to give Podcast another try. Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤


  3. I’ll have to look into these because I’ve been getting more and more into podcasts this year as well. I just love to listen to them when I’m doing chores LOL
    thanks for sharing 🙂

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