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Hello and happy Monday!

Today I wanted to share a quick little post that I was meaning to write last week but didn’t have the opportunity to get to it. Last week was a doozy, I was hyper focused on preparing for job interviews that I had lined up throughout the week and it basically consumed every bit of energy I had. I will say that the effort I put into it was definitely worthwhile and I have high hopes that there could be something at the end of the road for me. I also created a website for the first time ever, it was an initiative for part of the interview process. Honestly, super cool experience and overall it was pretty easy to maneuver and figure out. The guidelines was to capture ‘who I am’, my hobbies, interests, etc… so if you want to see it too, go here.

I also want to quickly share that your girl FINALLY booked a nail/pedi appointment for this week. These ratchet chipped nail polished nails can finally go and I’ll get my gel back on. Hallelujah!

Oh also, I have some company as I’m writing this


Figured I’d bring some attention to Vin pup even though my legs are numb at this point- but no worries, just as long as long as your cozy, Vin.

Okay to the good stuff now-

Two weekends ago Andrew and I finally decided to test out our new paddle boards we bought over the winter. Well, the day came, we went to the lake andddd-

It was a fail! The boards were clearly defective because they kept deflating before we could even get them into the water. Total bummer but at least the view was nice.


We ended up ordering new ones so hopefully they’ll be better but we’re still waiting on them to ship.

Anyways, we did find a silver lining because we ended up finding a really neat somewhat hidden swimming hole coveted by a waterfall.


For my Coloradans or my Colorado visitors, it’s a spot off of a scenic bypass in Morrison, CO (where Red Rocks Amphitheater is). The creek that runs through Morrison is called Bear Creek, but when I first stumbled across this road, I was headed to Lair O’ The Bear which will inevitably bring you to this road if you type it into your GPS. Another tip, if you drive through downtown Morrison just keep following the road straight and you’ll end up on the road.


  1. Through the scenic bypass, like most bypasses in Colorado, there’s a ton of spots for you to pull off on and park to go explore. Disclaimer: you’re driving through a valley (basically) so if you want to get to the water you’ll need to climb down somewhat of a steep slope. I really don’t know if I’m using the right vocabulary words here “valley, slopes” LOL so feel free to correct me if you know what I’m talking about. But FYI- Andrew and I climbed down in our Nike slides just fine, we got on all fours and inched down with our butt to the ground; its mostly just dirt, sand, and some rocks so it’s not bad.

These are the views before we made our way down.


The above photo leads to the waterfall/swimming hole photographed below



Okay so I don’t know the logical name for this exact spot, but to be fair, it’s not a spot for the public- it’s actually on private property. Although this is just privy to my readers, fortunately, we weren’t the only ones living on the wild side. You get hikers that make their way from following the creek and there were others that came to take a swim.

2. It’s hard to direct you to this exact spot but I will say if you pay close attention you can see the waterfall briefly while driving. I’d say its pretty apparent, thats how we both spotted it. Andrew and I parked in the closest pull off spot, not a far walk whatsoever, maybe like 10-15 steps literally. I suggest not parking in front of the waterfall, even though there is room to park there; but inevitably that’s how the park ranger knew people were down there because there were cars parked right in front of it. SMH

Once you get down there it’s beautiful, serene, and the sound of the waterfall puts you at peace. The water was refreshing, Andrew went in, I didn’t because I didn’t have bathing suit bottoms on for some reason. But the deepest went right up to his waistline.



Theres a small sandy area to lay a towel down which I did but there’s also boulders large enough for you to perch yourself up on to get some sun, which I also did. Andrew and I had the spot to ourselves for about an hour and then others joined us. Also, I want to point out that the water may look murky in the photos but I’ll tell you, it’s far from it. It’s actually fresh clear water that flows through this creek so it’s totally sanitary and safe!

Another good find right in our backyard.

xo, JJ

3 thoughts on “colorado: bear creek swimming hole

  1. Vin is so flipping cute! What an amazing co-worker! You nailed your website beauty! I love it! This spot is stunning! I am obsessed! Those out of the way spots are the best! Thanks for sharing sweet lady! ❤


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