thoughts and whatnots: BLM

Cup Of Jo


I want to utilize this post by addressing the on going battle of injustice that we’re facing for our dear Black people. Our Black community needs us more than ever to stand up WITH them and FOR them so that they too can be heard once and for all. This goes back to grade school, I mean really, treat those as you’d like to be treated, speak to those as you’d like to be spoken to, it’s as simple as that. Let’s take action, let’s take responsibility, and those who are not enforcing these efforts need to be held accountable.


To put this into perspective: Black people are humans with feelings and a beating heart just like all of us. They have family and friends that care for them dearly just like us. They should have rights just like us. They SHOULD be treated with justice and fairness just like us. But time and time again we see these horrible actions being taken against them, the hurt we bring to their community as privileged folks needs end. No if’s, and’s, or but’s- it is what it is. The time is now, we need change TODAY and forevermore.

We the people need to be a juggernaut and raise awareness to racism, we need to be anti-racist. We need to articulate our messages to whomever our audiences are and speak loud and clear for Black Lives Matter. When the movement is not ubiquitous, then how the hell are we suppose to create and cultivate a wholesome culture in unity not only for us but for those we bring into this world for future generations?

I may not be ‘white privileged’ but I am Asian privileged- and I want to speak out because no child, adolescent, or adult should suffer from being mistreated because of the color of their skin. No matter what your ethnicity is, no matter your background, we should NEVER condemn those that are different from us.

Support, donate, sign petitions, protest- whatever you need to do and however you feel comfortable to stand up in this revelation, DO YOUR PART. Let’s be compassionate, proactive, and open minded. Color is such a beautiful thing in so many ways let’s embrace this colorful world we live in together.

Ways to support:

Donate to the Floyd family GoFundMe here

A plethora of ways you can help (donations, petitions, resources, and more) here

Justice for Big Floyd petition here

Make sure you’re registered to VOTE; look out for when your Primary Election Day is

Read. Learn. Educate Yourself. Support your local Black owned businesses. No matter your contribution, it WILL help if you just do it.


xo, JJ

3 thoughts on “thoughts and whatnots: BLM

  1. thanks for using your platform and speaking up as well 🙂 the more people that speak up and take a clear stand, the bigger chance we have at beating this together! 🙂 the time is now:)<3


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