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Good morning y’all, rise and shine happy Monday!

Let’s start with a question of the day-

Are you a morning or night person?

I actually had to think about this for a minute because I love waking up to the sun ready to go but I also love the comfort and coziness of night time and unwinding. But when it comes down to it, I’m full blown a morning person. I love mornings, waking up and opening the blinds to see what kind of day it is outside. As of lately, it’s been blue skies and sun and that in itself is instant gratification.

Coffee run

Of course coffee is in the routine and first priority at that. Andrew and I, like most others, fiend it in the AM, yes we are caffeine lovers. I also kind of love that morning drive especially when the sun is out. I love having this solo quiet me time.


Check Email

I presume that this is self explanatory. Oddly enough, I love this part of the day and it helps that I have coffee in hand by now. I have a weird attachment to email so I’m constantly checking mine and clearing out my inbox. Anyone else OCD about their inbox being full?


It’s about time I get involved with some fitness related activity again. For awhile now, I’ve become more inactive than usual coming from the girl that used to look forward to going to the gym. Yoga is something I’ve been wanting to get into but it was always easy to push aside with excuses when I had other pressing things to tend to. I’ve finally started picking it back up and I’ve come to realization that there’s nothing more refreshing than starting my morning with a good stretch. I usually do anywhere between 30-45 min videos or often I’ll conduct it myself. It’s a great kickstart to my day. PS- I love throwing on a Lana Del Rey playlist in the background, she’s my go-to music for when I’m trying to soothe my soul.



Once I finish yoga, depending how warm/cool it is in the morning I typically go sit outside on the balcony to write my goals down. Something about being outside in the fresh air helps place me in a calm headspace and I’m ready to write. This is where I create and cultivate my goals; big and small, some for the near future, some for the far future, and a lot are repetitive until I accomplish them. Basically anything and everything that I’m trying to affirm and manifest for myself, I’m writing down. I’ve actually been doing this for quite some time; it’s a habit I’ve picked up quickly from public figures that I follow. From the bottom of my heart, I highly recommend doing this y’all.



In lieu of writing down my goals, I also spend some time to journal. For me when it comes to journaling I love to use my blog as a means to journal what is happening in my day to day life, however, when I’m handwriting journaling I like using prompts. I find that it helps my mind wander in directions that I may not voluntarily think about. Currently, I’m writing off of a 30-day Gratitude Challenge that I came across from my fellow blogger friends 🙂 On top of that I’ve also ordered a prompted journal book off of Amazon. They’re like feel good prompts and I’ll just skip through and randomly find myself on a page that I feel is suiting to me in that moment.


Usually at least once a week I try to take myself to a comfy outdoor spot to do my journaling. I love that I can pick and choose where my ‘office’ will be, and on this day I took it over to Clear Creek and found a deserted spot. I climbed down by the water and perched myself on a boulder and listened to the water running with the sun beating down, it’s absolutely serene.


Overtime I’ve built a list of podcasts that I love and have wanted to catch up on. I have ones I love for sheer entertainment and then I have ones that I use to really help reach my goals. Whether it be for professional guidance or just something to liven my spirit, I’m all ears. I listen to people that’ll spark a light within me or will inspire me to do better, and especially ones that’ll help my professional confidence. Grab a pen and paper and just jot down anything and everything that resonates with you. For me, I usually pull out words/phrases that I want to remember and perhaps include in my future conversations.


I like to start my mornings early and get a head start to my routine ASAP. I find myself wrapping up by 12noon, sometimes later depending on my mood and how invested I am, as it will vary. Come the afternoon you find me doing an array of miscellaneous things; errands, chores, cooking, blogging, studying, the list goes on and on. When things go array, leave it to my Type A personality to pull through for me! 

What are some things you do in your free time? 

xo, JJ

2 thoughts on “morning routine

  1. LOVED reading this! This routine is so feel good and bright and sunny like you are m’dear! ❤
    I am definitely a morning person! There is nothing better then grabbing coffee and seeing my baristas (who I swear have become family!) I have missed that part of my routine since the quarantine started.(drive through isn't the same!) I LOVE that you started yoga! If you have any questions or want some good videos (alot of my mentors and colleagues have started offering videos on IG and Facebook during all this, which is a major bonus!) let me know! I hope you are having an amazing week! ❤


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