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Hello friends!

So for some time now I’ve been meaning to get my blog back to where it once was when I was a proper lifestyle blogger. And a favorite blogging past time of mine were these alliteration weekly posts; such as Friday Favorites, Whats Up Wednesday… it’s just a nice easy prompt and a means of sharing whatever it is that you want in lieu of the theme. So here we go my first Friday Favorites to getting back on track!


I mentioned in another post that I recently ended up getting two new tattoos. Very dainty small ones because that’s all I can honestly handle. I haven’t shown any photos or even said what they were so here we go I’m sharing them with y’all today.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.11.52 PM

This one was my wrist tattoo; right wrist with my zodiac sign (virgo).

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.12.11 PM

For as long as I’ve known I’ve been very true to my sign, a virgo. I knew I one day wanted a tattoo of it because it really is the essence of who I am and in lieu to my love for all things astrology.

The second tattoo is on my left rib

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.12.20 PM

This was more of a spontaneous one. One night I was sitting on the couch with Andrew and came up with the idea for us to get “matching” mountain tattoos. Matching used with a grain of salt. We didn’t want them to be the same but we knew that we our own version of mountains. For me is was a representation to not only our move to Colorado but also my love and connection to the mountains. They leave me with this peace within myself that I never knew I needed. And I’m just WOWed every time I lay eyes on them.

2. Nails

I had to throw this in here because your girl LOVES a fresh mani. Originally I planned to get my nails done today but thank God my coworker who also duels as my friend suggested we go on Monday JUST IN CASE. And boy was I glad she recommended that because the nail salon closed as of Wednesday, I think it was? And will remain closed till the end of April. Sooo there’s that. But I’m a happy gal because I made it anddd double whammy got a pedi as well. Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.12.02 PM

Can you see how disgustingly dry my hands are from washing them religiously?! LOL

3. Microblading

I haven’t even talked about this yet but I got my brows microbladed. I knew I’ve wanted to get this service done it was just a matter of when I’d save enough $$ to get them done. Y’all they are not cheap but to be completely honest and fair, it’s SO worth it. I’ve seen them range from $400-$700 and of course it varies upon service, type, and style. I was not blessed with thick or dark facial hair (ie: brows & lashes) so this is something I’ve been dreaming of and I’m so glad I was finally able to get them done. I’m pretty tolerant to pain but on a scale of 1-10 on pain intensity, I’d give it an 8.5. There were times were I just wasn’t sure I was going to make it and I’m LOLing as I reminisce but I’m not kidding it was pretty tedious and painful. But I will say when I went for my touch up 5 weeks later, it wasn’t as bad.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 4.11.00 PM

This was immediately after and below was the next day.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 4.11.37 PM

I want to preface this because although it looks great in the photos, its still in the healing stages and they’re going to slightly change. After the first round the stages goes as followed:

  • Brows are dark and bold and look great
  • Over the course of a week and a half they start to scab and peel. So when it peels they start to look patchy
  • Once they’ve fully peeled they’re very light
  • After another week they start to get darker/bolder but not as dark and bold as when you initially get them done
  • After 4-6 weeks you go in for a touch up to fill out any patchiness and to brighten the color tone

Right now I’m noticing the same trend even with this being my touch up appt. I’m interested to see the final result because after they’re healed they should officially last a year or so. I’ll be sure to keep you posted so stay tuned!

4. MacBook Pro

I haven’t owned my own personal laptop since probably college and maybe a year or two afterwards. I was alway given a laptop through my company so I would pretty much do everything on there (not the best idea) but it worked. I’ve finally decided/also saved enough $$ to get my very own MacBook Pro and I’m head over heels in LOVE with it. Probably one of my favorite pricey purchases I’ve made to date thus far. I feel free to save whatever the heck I need/want on here and browse whatever I want on the web all because it’s mine. The convenience is key! I got the 13″, perfect size and lightweight with a touch tool bar.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 4.03.59 PM

I’m very happy with my decision and highly recommend it if you’re in the market for a new laptop.

5. New Car + New Hair

I’ve already talked about both of these in previous posts but they’re a favorite of mine! Still loving the new car and IN LOVE with the new brunette me. Again, thankful I booked my hair appt when I did because they too are now closed. Made it in just the nick of time!

6. Snowfall

Okay so 1-5 has literally been primarily material things and although I do shamelessly love my material things I’m aware there’s much more to life. So I want to end this post with my new found love for snowfall. I don’t know what is about Colorado, but ever since moving here I don’t mind the snow. Of course I would choose summer over winter any day, but the snow enhances the look and feel of Colorado. It just snowed yesterday so today there’s a gorgeous white layer of snow on top of the mountains that are within view of my apartment and on top of the evergreen pine trees, it just looks crisp and fresh. Gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 2.11.41 PM

I really wanted to incorporate my Trader Joe favorites because I’ve discovered a plethora of food items that I have STOCKED in my freezer and fridge. Y’all I know we’re in quarantine but I’ve still been making trips to Trader Joes because all my favorite foods live there. I think that this deserves it’s own post; a Trader Joe’s haul if you will. I haven’t decided if I want to make a blog post about it or just post it in my Instagram story but either way look out for it on here or jennyjo.xo (on insta).

Love you all, stay happy and healthy!

xo, JJ

3 thoughts on “friday favorites

  1. Ahhh I LOVE these posts! I also have a thing for alliterations! And love that you are “back!” Also girl we are the same person! Before everything shut down I got my hair and nails done (I also got pink, but with a light sparkle! 🙂 as well! It was perfect timing! Also I was totally drooling over your nails during your tattoo pics! They are stunning!
    I LOVE your tattoos! I also am so like my zodiac sign. It is kinda scary!
    I know you have been here before, but you will have to come back and I can give you a tour of my hometown, because you would love it! How you feel about the mountains is how I feel about the ocean! and I actually want to get a few nautical tattoos….someday!:)
    Girl your eyebrows look amazing! I have been wanting to go, but the whole not being able to sweat for a week or two, has kinda stopped me.
    I know this was for Friday, BUT we got snow last night and everything is so sparkly today! I do agree with you, it is pretty because it has covered all the dirty disgusting snow, but I am so ready for spring! Congrats on your new laptop! MacBook is just the best! I hope you are having an amazing week! ❤


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