Hi, San Francisco



This past weekend, 2/21-2/23 Andrew and I took a quick trip to San Francisco. The good thing about SF is that it can be a quick trip, there’s a lot you can get done in 2 days; which I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

However if you’re planning a full blown trip here, my recommendation would to spend at least 4 full days because each place you could really spend almost a full days worth at, oh and maximize as much as you can eat… I’m serious. SF is by far one of my favorite places.

Where to stay:

Check out hotels in Fishermans’s Wharf. Especially if it’s your first visit. There’s a boatload to do and see there, it’s beautiful, and it’s a quick uber ride away to some great spots. (Andrew and I actually walked from Fisherman’s Wharf to Golden Gate Bridge and The Painted Ladies). It can be done. The only con is that it’s touristy af.

If you want to Airbnb, I’d check out Marina District or Outer Richmond (Richmond District). There’s so many beautiful towns and places to stay in, but those two are my favorite. The Marina District will be pricey but totally worth it. Those homes are unbelievable. But if I’m being completely honest, I might like Richmond District a tad more. We stayed close to the Sutro Baths and Golden Gate Park, it’s been my favorite stay yet! TIP: Renting a car is easier but uber rides are fairly inexpensive per ride, I’d say anywhere between $10-$15/per ride depending where you’re going.


DAY 1-

We actually started out in Redwood City; we got delicious salmon avocado toast in San Mateo at a place called “Avocado Toast” (go figure) and it was divinely fulfilling. We headed into SF and arrived around 1030AM, so our first stop was Fisherman’s Wharf. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.24.56 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.25.08 PM

We started at Pier 39 and made our way up to Pier 45. I advise walking all the way to the Maritime Museum, its a great little stroll. Although there’s a ton of delicious restaurants to choose from in Fishermans Wharf, I like to leave the area to find something less touristy.

Good foodie spot: Koja although it’s a chain, I’ve only ever been to the one on Clement St and it never disappoints. Seriously, we went twice within one weekend. It’s a great Asian fusion spot but with good authentic flavors. Definitely try the Koja Burger.

Good foodie spot: Koo great sushi spot, fresh and delicious!

From lunch we decided to head to our favorite spot of all time; Battery Spencer. Y’all that is a kick ass view and the reason why I fell in love with SF. But do yourself a favor and do the walk across the bridge at least once, even if it’s just one way.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.25.17 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.25.39 PM

Below is a little popular waterfront town, Sausalito. Which is where we headed to next.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.25.28 PM

I love going across the bridge when the fog consumes the city, it’s usually (usually being used very lightly there) always clear blue skies on the other side. A quaint waterfront downtown lined with restaurants, yachts, boutique stores, ice cream shops, and gorgeous homes to gaze at.

Day 2-

Mother Nature blessed us with gorgeous blue skies, a cool breeze, and the sun beaming down on us. *Bliss*

It was a perfect day to visit the Sutro Baths, probably one of my favorite spots in SF.


Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.25.49 PM

From there, you’re a swift drive over to the Golden Gate Park. If you’re in the mood to stroll, bike, roller blade, or people watch- head to the park. There’s a lot to do and see and you can walk a good chunk of it, which I love. If you ever wondered what fresh smells like then walk through there. It smells of nature and greenery, which actually sounds absurd but I swear if you go there, you’ll know exactly what I mean. In the park you’ll find a great art museum, a variety of gardens to walk through, and make sure you do a loop around Strawberry Hill. 

Our last stop before we had to head back to reality was Twin Peaks. I’ve known of this place but have yet to visit until this time around and WOW. All I have to say is make sure you go on a clear blue sky day and during the day time. Although I’m sure it’s beautiful at any hour.

Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.25.59 PM

And there you have it, SF in 2 days. I could go on and on with more things to do and see but these are great spots to check out for a first time visit, all totally worth your while if you’re doing a trip on the fly!

xo, JJ


One thought on “Hi, San Francisco

  1. Ahhh LOVE this post so much! You know how much I love the Sutro Baths! And girl I need to tell you about the time my sister and I ran an unofficial half marathon because she wanted to run across the bridge, and decided it was doable from my aunt’s apartment, which was, but also a lot longer then I expected, and THEN we got lost. Lol. But it did make great memories! ❤


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