You know what I love? Cruising under blue skies, sun beating on my face, windows down, wind in my hair, mountains in the horizon, and my favorite songs coming through the speakers. THAT’S my favorite mood. I’d love to replay all the variations of that scene on repeat. The only way I can explain how I feel in that moment is authentically myself, simply put. It’s one of the few times I feel worry-free, like the other variables that make up my life are non-existent and I can live in that moment.

Just some food for thought brought to yours truly.

Veering in a completely different direction, its New Years Eve. 2019 is coming to an end and after reflecting on the 12 months of memories I’ve deemed 2019 to be a very memorable year. So many of my favorite things happened this year. I’m scratching my head because I cant think of one bad year that I’ve had. I’ve had bad days within a year but there’s always good parts intertwined within. And when I think about it, I think about the good times, the good things are what stick out. If it weren’t for “years” breaking up each segment of our lives, would you even be able to tell if you’ve had a “bad year”? They’re just bad days, they come and go and it’s only natural. Just remember mind over matter, always.

In 2019, I-

  • Traveled somewhere at least once a month. I’m actually very proud of that and blessed because it wasn’t something I ever thought was feasible. For some reason I was limiting myself because I thought it wasn’t tangible but all I knew was that I wanted it to happen. And this year it just happened. I’m thankful for each opportunity and I love reminiscing back.
  • I moved from MA to CO. City gal to mountain girl. Another thing I never imagined for myself. I love Boston with all my being but I fell in love with CO back in 10/2018 and ever since had this undying desire to move there. And just like that, here I am.
  • I got a puppy. I’m a dog mom! Years and years of daydreaming of having my very own little pup. And suddenly here he is right next to me.
  • I got engaged! Like seriously, the ring of my fucking dreams is on my finger. You never think it’s going to be your turn, until one day it’s YOUR turn.

In 2020, I deem this year to be the year of Jenny.

  • I want to fix my little physical imperfections and flaws that I’ve always knit picked about myself.
  • I want to get my creative juices flowing again. I want to be oozing with creative content.
  • I want to be more goal oriented and manifest the shit out of them.
  • I want to focus on writing more, purging my random miscellaneous thoughts and keeping up with it for mental health purposes.
  • I want to be my true authentic self EVERY SINGLE DAY.
  • Less stress the better.

2018 was the year of family and loved ones. 2019 was the year of travel and new experiences. 2020 will be centered around my personal growth and wellness. I have great expectations for myself and I plan on going into 2020 with serious intentions on accomplishing them. Y’all start your year off right. Be bold.

xo, JJ

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